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However, though his reasons were pure, the group scheme to get Luna to join their group by any means. Yoyogi also exits the delusion, but Itashar Robo destroys him using a rifle formed out of a sign board. Once returning to the Delusion World, the Akibarangers kidnap China Red to have him watch a poorly executed reenactment of Dairanger’s opening clip made by them, just to be forced to flee after Malseena and the others appear. Several episode titles reference past Super Sentai titles. As the Akibarangers prepare themselves to the final battle against Malseena, KozuKozu watches in shock as Hiroyo suffers a strange transformation in front of her. Takuma receives a text message from Interpol ordering him to return to the organization, thus confirming Akagi’s theory.

While waiting in a line for food, General Tsuu gets into a fight with the Yuru Chara mascot Yuru Sanae and loses horribly. Meanwhile, the man in the hospital is revealed to be Saburo Hatte, who is in a critical state. She also reveals that by reaching Saburo Hatte’s dimension, she managed to inspire him to create a second season for the series, but she got angry upon losing her position as the main villain once again with the advent of General Tsuu, and after disposing of him, she used the knowledge she obtained to assume control of all the Super Sentai villains and defeat the official heroes. Once returning to reality, Akagi and Yumeria are surprised to know that not only Yasuko was aware of what they were doing all the time, but she approves her daughter-in-law’s hobby after seeing first hand while revealing herself to be both an anime otaku and singer. Upon return to reality, the Akibarangers learn that the history of the Super Sentai was once again restored and Luna decides to stay in the team as it may help with her idol career. Then, one day, he disappeared, along with all of his research.

Knowing the truth, Doctor Z encourages the Akibraangers to fight before once more falling under Hatte’s control and summons the giant robot Boomerang Titan. Upon return to reality, the Akibarangers learn that the history of the Super Sentai was once again restored and Luna decides to stay in the team as it may help with her idol career.

Z in a take over of the Delusion Empire. As Hiroyo watches Akagi transform in disbelief, she suddenly feels a surge of pain within her body. The next day, Akagi and Yumeria are living their normal lives while resisting the temptation to wkibaranger.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Episode 3

On their way, they help Sayaka, who ssentai the heel of one of her shoes on her way back to her office. Yoyogi also exits the delusion, but Itashar Robo destroys him using a rifle formed out of a sign board. The Akibarangers throw Shimokitazawa into different stages until he reaches a warehouse fight scene where Akiba Blue uses everything she learned from Niibori on her attacks.


Doctor Z gives up his evil ways and asks his daughter for forgiveness, but Hiroyo refuses, knowing this will trigger the flag for a family reunion ending.

Meanwhile, Yumeria walks around town to find more ideas when she spots two men buying tickets to an idol show from a scalper, who reveals himself as the Chief Clerk Shimokitazawa Hoya. Mitsuki returns from Izu, but upon seeing that she has a set of Aoi keychains that were exclusively sold at a recent convention, Akagi and Yumeria begin to question her whereabouts.

Finding her at an audition held by the famous American director George Spiel burtonAkagi and company learned her lost the role to her rival Akina Maihama. Back to reality, it is revealed that the Jakangers’ Dark Spear membership added three new days in the week. She explains to them that Takehiro was a genius who earned his doctorate at age 21 and became a top professor at 24 before marrying her mother. Mitsuki and Yumeria are immediately attracted by the man, as he waves at them before leaving.

But before leaving, Akagi claims that eventually Saburo Hatte will think on a way to bring them back if needed. This forces Hiroyo to rush to the top of a building where Akagi in an attempt to personally snap him out of the delusion, only to be punched in the face before KozuKozu discovers that the remote for the Delusion Ejection System just needs new batteries.

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Once back in their reality, the Akibarangers are horrified to find Choco-tan turned into an Oneeder with even General Tsuu surprised at the turn of events.

Back at Himitsukichi, KozuKozu informs the others that somehow reality has been written that Powerful Rangers is the source of Super Sentai franchise instead of the other way, with Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger the first entry yet the source of a major copyright infringement as it made from its American version without permission.

At first, she was happy that her father made the units in appreciation of her success, only to realize that they are the catalysts for his twisted goal to bring his delusions into reality. However, Malseena retaliates in Darkness Stema Castle Robo before Itashar Robo’s attack accidentally activated the evil mecha’s self destruct sequence.

Akagi then starts babbling about possible sub-plots for a second season before a giant “The End” sign fills the screen.

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A furious Delu Knight then charges at them, only to be shot in the chest by Doctor Z and Malseena, the latter revealing her gun only works on bloodless monsters. His hopes for scoring a date with her are boosted when he hears in her conversation with her friends that she does not have a boyfriend, which causes akibaranyer to order an extra pitcher of beer at his table.


The agent then opens a metal briefcase, revealing 20 candles; 16 of them are lit, indicating the number of times the MMZ can be used before the curse is complete. Meanwhile, Malseena invades Himitsukichi and knocks out KozuKozu before incapacitating Hiroyo with sleeping gas and abducting her, revealing herself to be Takehiro’s creation. However, as the two vampire girls merge into an entirely different monster, a woman reveals herself to be the mastermind as the Akibarangers’ transformation transports everyone to the mountains.

She is told by his former colleague at a robotics firm that Takehiro had become obsessed with anime and started submitting his portfolio to different animation studios.

With Akagi desolated by the fate of his favourite anime series, Yumeria is instructed to keep her delusion strong by drawing her manga and taking a disguised Akagi to the Yokoyama mansion to distract Yasuko. Upon realizing that the man in question is another Baros lol monster, Akagi confronts the exposed Machine Lifeform Smapho Monger in the Delusion World.

While watching episodes seven to eleven, Mitsuki and Yumeria realize that Akagi destroyed the series by realizing their reality was a TV show and disrupted the series storyline.

KozuKozu approaches the trio and shows them a magazine with news that the Super Sentai Series will be canceled, and a new series with Hiroyo as a character will debut on its place. Sadly as result, Itashar Robo and Itashar Boy pushing it and Akibarangers must sacrificing themselves to destroy the invaders and save the Earth before Akagi tells everyone to watch Sunday morning. However, the girls’ actions cause the Gouraigers remember their days as construction workers and return to normal.

List of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger episodes

Recognizing that Malseena is now invincible, the Akibarangers give up on fighting her. Meanwhile in his reality, Saburo Hatte finds himself in a critical state and Malseena attempts to save him, fearing what may happen should he dies. Back to reality, Akagi and the girls thank Okamoto for his help as he gives them General Tsuu’s business card to track him down.

Waking up from a dream, Aikbaranger decides to get a drink at Himitsukichi where he reminisces with Hiroyo of when he, Yumeria and Mitsuki became the Akibarangers nine months ago.