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He finds out from her that she and Shin have broken up, and that Shin no longer plays at Catharsis. But Shin loves her too much to allow her to give up her future for him. Moon Ga Young Supporting Cast. I coudlnt agree with you more! YFFM was like a breath of fresh air to me. Its quite refreshing to watch them being so frank.

He’s also not sure of her feelings towards him after what he did. Even though the story took a nose-dive in the later episodes, I have no regrets with this drama. Now that Ki-young has a job at a drama company, he buys Seok-hyun some beer. Stupid meaningless noble idiocy. So Yi Hyun Main Cast. Even the secondary characters were incredibly fun — I mean, who can forget Soo-myung and Ki-young?!

However, at the moment l’m watching Scent of a Woman and Protect the Boss.

Heartsttings enjoyed the series overall but the last bit was too much for me. It would be odd to have them back together again say 5 years. I think it had enough angst and romance and the two leads didn’t do a bad job – hear epieode jb and gf concur. Did you watch the end of 49 Days? I love yong hwa and psh and some of the extra characters like ki heartstirngs, soo myung and the drumer kang min-hyuk.

He does go back to the practice room though, much to the joy of his bandmates. Korean dramas make me stay in love with life every time. What did i know then. This drama, even its worth watching, it can be easily forgotten.

But it WAS sweet.


But the k-drama culture which doesn’t allow girls to hug heaetstrings or kiss back or even make the first move must change. Their relationship just felt so real. She and her grandfather get new neighbors. Should the love campus be more enjoyable and interesting beside more loveble and romantic scene??


Rachel December 22, at 9: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Sorry that I’m talking about another drama in this thread. But after bumping into her at the park, he’s sure she’s still in love with him and decided to heartstrinfs a chance. The female lead took the lead to make the first move, to ask to date, and she took the lead to kiss the male lead. Now on to the other characters: So Yi Hyun Main Cast. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Kyu-won meets with the record producer about her contract. With nothing holding her back anymore, Kyu-won leaves for the UK. And they’re wasted their shots by giving more highlights to the Director and the ballerina, until the end.

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I coudlnt agree with you more! Seok-hyun tells her that Shin had a surgery for his wrist, and broke up with her so that she could go to the UK. I really enjoyed seeing LS and GW date and have a relationship over several episodes.

I wish they fng focused more on the students trying to achieve their dreams, rather than on unneeded angst. If they were caught multiple times hanging out, then I would start wondering. Thank you for doing recaps for this drama! But that really irritated me Angielee August 20, at 2: I just love this drama iam nit korean but love these kind of drama.

She hires rock star Lee Shin’s band to help attract a bigger audience. Both are really good. Well that was a epizode cheerful ending.


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The wrist surgery is the big thing because everyone knows what is Shin’s biggest dream—that’s the point. And the beauty of Kyu-won’s discovery of her dream was undermined by immediately making it come true by presenting her with the contract within days and by making her successful within a year.

I just love Shin Hye, no need to say it I liked it that there wasnt the typical evil girl or evil guy. Kyu-won takes the matter into her own hands. I don’t think the school would keep her position for that long either. Should it be more to Shin and Kyu Won’s love. Like Kaedejun pointed out, why was Shin acting like a noble idiot even after the surgery is over and he is in recovery, aside from the fact that they apparently cannot get back together until just before the show ends?

The forced separation really shot my goodwill for the OTP everyone KNOWS that they will get together, and all this bickering just got on my nerves because it was unnecessary and excessive.

Yup — just as Kyu-won had feared, Shin really did injure his wrist. He goes on with the show, albeit with a grimace. Park Shin Hye Main Cast.