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But for me, Writer Song’s creation of “Chae Young Shin” as a match for Healer is what elevates this show – she managed to give us a heroine as awesome as the Healer himself, and who is most definitely her own person, but who complements him in every way! He is not either a weirdo! In-ho packs up his apartment, looks around wistfully, and heads out with his bags. Soompi forum also pointed out that BIH got half of the screen time even in the extra special. Admittedly pushing someone in front of a car does seem pretty insane, but it’s a little hard to totally believe that’s Inha rather than the drama so It’s like, if she can’t be with him, she needs to give him support in whatever way she can, while she can. I was hoping for that.

I also thought Im was just making it up, but now that you mentioned it, he did have a previous hilarious experience with a stolen bike that would explain his latest attempt to ride one. Twinkie March 1, at 7: All the other characters who did bad things in the past got their fairly happy endings. It looks baaadddd for Jung Hoo. They cause me anxiety and annoyance. This is called professionalism. I normally camp there too as DB and KP are two of my favourite k-drama blogs. And I think everything that I mentionned plus the crackling chemistry between the leads made me love it by the end.

Lol that epilogue though I wish mak gae could have come to the future a little earlier but oh well.


They dropped that so we could sit back and relax while watching SKJ behind a piano, once more. Manslaughter 1 if Seol had died. As someone on Twitter said, he doesn’t die in this movie but—being a recent widow—he does start the film dead inside. Actually I think Moon Shik is a well written study of a sociopathic personality.

I watched Empress ki too last week. I recently started sons of sol pharmacy and well, ji Chang wook’s character couldn’t be more different from Healer. This writer has been fast in resolving misunderstandings so far. I’m gonna miss everything from Kim Nam Gil’s nuanced acting I’m such a fan now!

Cheese in the Trap: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I’m keeping a lookout for this fall’s Memoir of a Murderer online or at our next film festival. I fpisode love that as well! On the upside, the epilogue was cute and satisfying, and all in all, I adored this drama from the bottom of my heart. As to the whole your father killed mine story, it should have no bearing on their lives even if it is true.

Healer: Episode 16 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Anna January 28, at 1: Your heart towards your patients. But since it was Myung-hee calling, she hangs up in disappointment. Yes, will wait for an alternate ending.

Now who watches a show for those? I thought KAJ looks a bit different there her nose? Dramafefer March 2, at Our couple has been through a lot together, but now they must face the ultimate test: Dropped you an email, hope it went to the right place.


Someone save my heart. So in the plan are better versions of the video that will be tge perhaps, and we’ll let you know about them and when or where they may be ‘released’ in future Recap threads!

LOL Anyway, Congrats to the cast and the crew!


They’re so caught up in these buzzwords and it’s so obvious they don’t know what they’re talking about. Empress Ki Episode His amazing side view in the pedestrian lane!! That was too neatly resolved, I agree.

I just laugh every time someone calls Jung a psycho or a sociopath. Read more about it below…. Mary Bethany January 28, at 5: Download the latest version here.

I’m not ready to say beading. That is why PHJ finished shooting 5 days before the others. In both timelines, Im and Yeon-kyung sit down to eat by placing their chopsticks behind their ear. Thanks to all the recappers for a great ride.

Meteor Garden Episode I’m sure no one saw that coming! I feel like so much could be explored, conflicts like the ones we briefly saw Mak-gae grappling tne. My faith in TvN is still there but this director is never getting another watch from me. We were robbed of more smooching!