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This plan fails as well and just before Klaus is about to leave, Nagi thinks of a way to make Klaus stay. Meanwhile, Saki blames herself for losing the money. Hayate runs into Mikado outside, but initially believes him to be a landscaper on Mikado’s estate. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Mangirl! Fumoffu Full Metal Panic! Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai.

Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother. Tachikawa, Kisaki Fortune Tiara. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns 2nd Season. Ajin , Ajin 2nd Season. Later, Hayate wakes up in bed, Nagi confirms his victory and the two do a formal initiation of master and butler. Tama becomes jealous of Shiranui, and tries to make it seem as if Shiranui has torn up Nagi’s manga, but the plan backfires when Shiranui rips the manga himself and has the blame placed on Tama. Isumi is planning to come to Nagi’s house but she ends up getting lost again. Hayate follows Izumi firmly to where she’s recording a plant growing, but accidentally kills it.

Schmidt summons his army of cartoons characters to stop them from leaving.

Maria gives Hayate one million yen to go live outside the mansion for three days, but he uses the money to help people cugies need. Kotetsu appears and try to seduce him that he seriously dislikes, Nagi finds them and have a fight with Hayate.

As the four argue about who will pay the bill, a thief breaks into the restaurant, giving an opening for both Sonia and Ruri to flee. Before they can start setting it up, Ayumu arrives! Mahou Shoujo KurumiSeizei Ganbare! Written as “Rival” but Read as “Friend”!! Kazuki confesses to Nagi about his love for her and asks if he is able to take Nagi on a train ride, though it becomes a date.


Nagi starts crying because of Hayate, as she wanted to go walking with him really badly. Back in the present, Wataru and Saki are looking at the stars through a projector. Hoshi no Umi Yozakura Quartet: Tou Dai Ni Maku Manga: Inazuma ElevenInazuma Eleven Go. They warm up some Nikuman abimefushigi eat but overcook it. Sorezore no Tsubasa Ah! San no SaraShokugeki no Souma: Kyoto Fujouou-henAo no Exorcist: Tachimukai, Yuuki Darren LaChance.


The butler then punished the challenger for being a coward. Detective ConanDetective Conan Movie Unable to leave when it starts raining, Nagi manages to have Ruri confess that her true intention is to obtain the elusive “Black Camellia”, fotoku treasure believed to be in possession of the Sanzenin family and Nagi asks her grandfather by phone about it.

The robot, known as Thirteen, does an aniefushigi better job as a butler than Hayate even could, which depresses him when he finds out. Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!

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Maria notices how Hayate can be so popular with the girls. Hayate then tries not to get too worried when Sakuya tells him that Nagi and Thirteen get along well.

Tachikawa, Kisaki Fortune Tiara. Takamura, Mihoshi Miho-nee, Mihorin, Mii-tan.

Esper MamiEsper Mami: Tonight at Hakuou Hinamatsuri festival, Hayate arrives to secretly meet up with Hinagiku, but Izumi chases him and runs into a guy who becomes infatuated with him. Nagi decides to take Hayate and Maria on a trip in Shimoda to visit a mysterious meteorite that seems to enhance growth, along with other special powers. With the thief turning himself to the police and Hinagiku leaving with her sister, Hayate remains alone at the restaurant, calling Maria to ask her for help with the expenses.


Omocha no Kuni de Dai Ketsudan da Koron. Ajisai YumegatariHarukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hayate holds Nagi’s hand and fly down on big balloons miraculously, and she animefushiyi to him.

Nagi reluctantly agrees and goes to school for the day, but when she comes back it turns out she forgot her notebook at school. Total EclipseMuv-Luv Alternative: Himegami gets gayate hold of the legendary butler uniform, and then disappeared. That night, the news reporter informed that a giant asteroid is closing in on Earth, Thirteen goes into space to destroy the meteor, thus saving the Earth and Nagi’s happiness, but is stranded on the moon.

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After the premiere one week later, everyone is at a loss for words. Henderland no DaiboukenCrayon Shin-chan Movie Linn urges Episide to exude more power and destroy the robot, while Isumi exorcises the spirit possessing Yukiji. A fourth anime series titled Hayate the Combat Butler: One morning, Nagi inadvertently awakens early at the Sanzenin Mansion gktoku discovers how the early mornings can be so delighted. After being asked where Hayate’s present is, Hinagiku misunderstands the letter of challenge as a way for them to be alone.

Kirameki no Lion Boy.