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Overall the XPan II is a joy to use, but a touch expensive, and that’s partly because it has no real competition. Additional Product Features Film Type. A number of features can be easily programmed using the settings on the LCD panel on the rear of the camera. But, browsing the site for a while will certainly turn most of them up. The back of the camera is covered by a rubberized material and has a good thumb grip for the right hand. So I started looking for an Xpan, which seemed like the perfect fit here. We will try our best to solve any problem. No review of a camera would be complete without a discussion of that difficult to quantify trait that lovers of fine equipment recognize immediately — build quality.

I thought of you whilst writing this actually… very interested to see how you get on. The Fujifilm TX-1 is a interchangeable lens 35mm panoramic rangefinder camera released in The available electronic self timer feature has a 10 sec delay. The XPan’s unique and innovative approach allows dual-format capability on the same roll of film. Ultimately most of my photography — my personal photography at least — comes from just carrying a camera and finding photos. After an afternoon nap to help recover from jet lag I was eager to try out the new 30mm lens. We will try our best to solve any problem. Be aware that the merged file will very large.

The camera has a focal plane shutter so changing lenses mid-roll is not a problem.

This Gorgeous Silver Fujifilm TX-1 Rangefinder Will Give You GAS

As it goes, I know what you mean about winter weather and bigger cameras. As time progressed I became more and more frustrated with the camera, the high hopes I had for my spectacular panoramas failed to materialise. Swimmer — Rangefinfer, Love the pano format, especially its underutilized in documentary work.


Exposure compensation was used for this shot taken in a dark abbey ruin. Leica has hasselbllad the rangefinder market to themselves for decades. Reply Hamish Gill December 17, at 8: I have never traveled with a camera that I have found as suitable for travel, casual landscape and documentary work as the XPan. I believe this was most likely to be the single greatest reason I never found much of a desire to just carry the Hasselblad Xpan-ii for just flim sake of carrying it.

Hasselblad Rangefinder Film Cameras. Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape.

The lenses can be changed at any time, just like any other rangefinder see above review. Lens changing is as precise as one would expect from a quality camera. I had an X-Pan, the first one with the 45mm. What they do justify is a few words penned on here — especially as I wonder how many other people have or would experience hasselblwd same as me were they to try this camera… The Hasselblad Xpan-ii Contents 1 The Hasselblad Xpan-ii 2 Shooting wide frames 2.

Flash users can connect a hot shoe mounted unit or plug in to a PC sync socket around the front you have a choice of front or rear curtain sync by programming the flash to trigger at the beginning or end of exposure.

Hasselblad XPan II 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera Body Only | eBay

Home made and third party wood grips have also been manufactured. TTL measured at shutter plane; Center-weighted averaging. It’s been handled surprisingly well by the centre weighted metering.

Lenses There are three lenses currently available; a 30mm, 45mm and 90mm. However, if you, like me, already have an extensive collection of gear, e. Film speed, exposure compensation, auto bracketing, multi-exposure, flash sync mode, self timer delay and film return spooling mode can all be set to customized user preferences. Painting onto titanium has always been a difficult process.


Taken with a Hasselblad XPan and 90mm lens on Provia Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. I am afraid if I pick it up again I will fall in love all over again and keep it.

Hasselblad XPan II Review

Possibly the least appealing nature of all of these cameras is their reliance on batteries. Three lenses were released upon introduction. I do not know for how much longer, but Hassy has not yet abandoned the model. Feb 17, The 30mm lens has started shipping and mine has just arrived.

I walked beneath the tower admiring its architectural grace jasselblad came across this wonderful old elm tree, whose canopy matched the arch of the girders almost perfectly. My first day in Hong Kong was cool and rainy.

I was able to get the thing serviced by Hasselblad. In addition, it has auto-bracketing, exposure compensation, an LCD display screen on the camera back and DX film code sensor.

Rangefinder camera with focal plane shutter: Also, the two modes can be changed mid roll, making it convenient for the user.

However if one came along at the right price who knows….