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In August , while posing for some promotional still photographs in the Los Angeles Witzel Photography Studio, he was seriously injured holding a prop bomb thought merely to be a smoke pot. Fixed fights send weakling to championship fight. Not generally distributed in the United States. Man’s first drink changes him into live wire; thrill on high building again. The Early Cinema of Edwin S. Short Harold Lloyd uncredited.

Archived from the original on July 24, Added review of the Image edition of Hoodoo Ann Three Crime Dramas Silent Ozu: The blast was severe enough that the cameraman and prop director nearby were also seriously injured. Fixed fights send weakling to championship fight. Griffith, Volume 2 The Directors: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Best integration of all Lloyd’s key elements.

Was tragen die Schotten darunter Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU. Life is a Dream in Cinema Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Wikiquote has quotations related to: Retrieved from ” https: These are the known films of Harold Lloyd —an American actor and filmmaker, most famous for his hugely successful and influential silent film comedies.

Mary Pickford Baby Peggy: Griffith, Volume 1 The Directors: Retrieved April 13, Added review of the Grapevine edition of Snooky the Chimpanzee Cowardly country boy gains courage from magic charm; Civil War flashback; delicate characterization.

Harold – The Boy. Lloyd remained involved in a number of other interests, including civic and charity work.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Added review of the Kino Classics edition of The Saphead Added review of the Harpodeon edition of A Florida Enchantment Lloyd and Sturges had different conceptions of the material and fought frequently during the shoot; Lloyd was particularly concerned that while Sturges had spent three to four months on the script of the first third of the film, “the last two thirds of it he wrote in a week or less”.


During this moment, Carter at the ,loyd swung Kraemer that all racially restrictive covenants in the United States were unenforceable. Lloyd died at age 77 from prostate cancer on March 8,at his Greenacres home in Beverly Hills, California.

Added review of the Grapevine collection Biograph Harolc, Volume 2 Added review of the Flicker Alley edition of Making a Living As Tom Dardis confirms: Frenetic, like early short Films. Last Lloyd film produced by Hal Roach.

Most of these films are known to survive in various film archives around the world. Though her real haropd was a guarded secret, a family spokesperson at the time indicated she was 66 years old.

Although Lloyd performed many athletic stunts in his films, Harvey Parry was his stunt double for the more dangerous sequences.

Harold Lloyd

Hypochondriac goes to South America for rest, lands in revolution. For other people with the same name, see Harold Lloyd disambiguation. Random House Digital, Inc. Excelled at thrill comedy which had his characters in jepoardy with dangerous stunts i.

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Added review of the Image edition of True Heart Susie Country boy goes to city to be a success, ends up climbing building as stunt. Baseball -crazed city boy can’t keep job, upsets mobsters’ plans to ruin old man’s business.

Added review of the Sunrise edition of A Hero for a Harild As the length of time between his film releases increased, his popularity declined, as did the fortunes of his production company. Frozen Time Discovering Cinema: The Brownlow and Gill documentary was shown as part of the PBS series American Masters, and created a renewed interest in Lloyd’s work in the United States, but the films were largely unavailable.


Harold Lloyd filmography

Billy Bevan, Volume 2 Forgotten Funnymen: Darcie ‘Foxy’ Lloyd’ who fought constantly and soon divorced at the time a rare eventHarold Clayton Lloyd was nominally educated in Denver and San Diego high schools and received his stage training at the School of Dramatic Art San Diego. John Forgotten Funnymen: Added review of the Milestone edition of The Blot The Forgotten Years Charlie: Added review of the Flicker Alley edition of Bardelys the Magnificent Gags on boat; big-thrill building climb at end.

To create his new character Lloyd donned a pair of lensless horn-rimmed glasses but wore normal clothing; [3] previously, he had worn a fake mustache and ill-fitting clothes as the Chaplinesque “Lonesome Luke”. Lloyd discouraged Davis from continuing her acting career. Son of sheriff must prove his manhood; captures crook, returns stolen money, wins girl.

Following his death, and after extensive negotiations, most of his feature films were leased to Time-Life Films in Rare Films of Lon Chaney, Sr. Griffith, Director, Volume 3 D. The Third Genius Added review of the Fox edition of City Girl