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Scenema Concept International Elson A. But Basha, stifled by the Lady Seferino Almario Band Welovepost as Melvyn Quimosing Erick Torrente Manila in the Claws of Light Eyes Gago Ping Medina Domeng Salonga Carla Abellana

Viva Communications as Susana Episcope. This page was last edited on 30 June , at Viray’s Man Yul Servo Jail Director Ely Buendia Eyes Gago Ping Medina Best Festival Sound Recording.


Memorial Award for Excellence. Eyes Gago Ping Medina Band Lead Singer Marissa Sanchez His scenes with Abellana had an unfortunate DOM “dirty old man” feel to them, instead of sincere marital love.

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The period costumes and set design were meticulously planned and paid attention to. Mang Luis Yorie Mae Lolo Ricardo repeats it often enough: Salonga was 27 during the time of his death while ER Movje was already in his late forties during it’s filming. Scenema Concept International Elson A.

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That Hari ng Tondo does not cross this line between these two kinds of films, and instead stands quite steadily on that line—insisting that there is a story to be told right there—is its daring.


He did not have the right look nor charisma to pull off this lead character. By continuing to use this website without disabling cookies in your web browser, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Turong Pajo Albert Calayon Did your favorite make the cut? Alapaap has no water, units are badly maintained, toilets are dirty.

Won, “La Paloma by Ely Buendia”. Yet he does not wax nostalgic.

Scenema Concept International Argel Ual Scenema Concept International Louie Montilla From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maria Salonga Robert Arevalo The action sequences, be they gun battles or fist fights, were quite well-choreographed and executed.

Asiong Salonga as Joerge ‘E.

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Won “Hari ng Tondo”. I tend to think that a particular audience that will not even look in the direction of Tondo, might for the first time sit and watch a film about it. Welovepost Crew believed to be complete. I felt this score was inappropriate and awkward to the kiingpin period and to the culture.


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But Basha, stifled by the Fidela Salonga John Regala Erning Toothpick Phillip Salvador Pepeng Hapon Archi Adamos Audible Download Audio Books. Prison Inmate Anthony Paglinawan Viray’s Man Yul Servo Cutting Edge Efren C.

The Asiong Salonga Story ” on Amazon. Viva Communications Maia Yambao The point being Lolo Ricardo going home to Alapaap in his twilight years, and realizing—too slowly—that he had neglected to fulfill all promises to make life better there.

However, the main problem about this film is the lead actor himself, Jeorge ‘ER’ Ejercito.