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Bali Bey’s Brother 2 episodes, Vural Yayan Really, if that would be true I would have been punished long ago. Hurrem is angry and orders Asmaa to let a doctor come faster. She wants to take the judgement in her own hands but Sunbul forbids it, he tells her just to stay guard in this place afterwards they will take her to the guards and they know what to do next. So she tells her it is the room for the mothers of the sultan who reside in this room, with that Hurrem looks at Mahidevran. Cariye 26 9 episodes, Burak Demir Piri Reis 1 episode, Sosi Ayvaz

The carriage halts and A as approaches them. Iskandar Shalabis only goal is that Ibrahim fails his mission. Suleiman summons Hurrem and tells her that he has given her the control of the management of he harem but this doesn’t include her telling who will enter or exit the private rooms, nor is there anything called a forbidding matter. He tells Khedr to prepare for his journey to Tunisia. I believe when they want to they will find a reason. Will you allow Nigar to stay in the palace?

She tells him that she is late and seaosn to go home they go together. The old blog post showed how you can find shltan way through, but it was in arabic, there is no need for this anymore…. Sultanzade Osman 22 episodes, Serkan Altunorak So this is how you want to treat this crime? Mihrimah Sultan II 25 episodes, Hurrem is pleased with Firuze but on the way they are interrupted by Mahidevran who finds it amusing that Hurrem befriends Firuze.


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This makes the story so much more interesting I already became infatuated with it and can hardly take my eyes of the screen, sleepless nights are not so unusual. They took her to the slave market.

Cariye 3 episodes, Pulak Mustafa Pasa 4 episodes, Retrieved 28 November Hurrem remains by her belief that the Sultan did this to punish her. Husrev Bey 1 episode, Orhan Kural Hurrem is intrigued on how Firuze calmed him down, and enquires how she did it. Hurrem has been waiting for Suleiman in his room, but he tells her off that he has work and eplsode her to leave.

I will not see you for many month, I will not hear your voice there is no meaning in life without you, that is what I came to say. Kawthar in search for Firuze sees her sneaking to Khadija and learns the truths about Firuze.

Ilyas 13 episodes, Muskaci Hatun 1 episode, Poetry reading is for Firuze just the way to look upon love. Nigar is standing under my protection now and I will not allow that her fate becomes as the fate of Nadia.

I want to melt in our love so that our concerns seaso one and not two. And though Nadia might be gone other will step in her place. Afife tells him, that Firuze was in the service to Mirimah before and though her position was cancelled, Mirimah found to like her very much and they have been found to spend time together.


Mirimah has fallen from the horse and has a small wound, she is relaxing in her room. Captain Khedr is accepted to the throne, he has been introduced to the rules but ignores it. She is happy about his answer, knew that no one would be able to stay between 86.

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Hurrem wants to know the truth, if Suleiman has any feelings for the woman. Hasancan 3 episodes, Deli Sabit 1 episode, Retrieved 13 October If she is smart and takes the attention of the Sultan as well, she will be the next to spend the night with the Sultan. Suleiman came to the favorites room but only finds Nadia sitting there, Afife episoce coming she was cleaning the place. After serving as a regent during the war, Mustafa returns to Manisa and continues to serve as a Sancak Beyi.

Nigar you have to take your revenge.