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They are just writing whatever laws they want and screw everyone else I think the problem however is that much is out of control.. In Spain the ‘Indignados’ have occupied the squares for weeks, they had millions of people on the streets across the country, they have been marching throughout the years but the austerity remained. Cobra please comment on the 2 photos you put on the blog a few weeks ago. Cruise June 28, at 3: Sending everybody love and light.

Dragon Heart June 29, at He was a super soldier type of character, spending time in outer space for allegedly 20 years and then coming back to earth and not really having the kind of spiritual back-ground and then he is working with the blue sphere alliance. It sometimes gets the best of us, so one must learn to control their fire carefully, like a welder or glassblower or chef Karneval-season starts early this year, just consider it being We intend to be able to hoist these vile rapscallions by their own petard! There will be no event for years and years probably. You crack me up woman..

The expression “turn the other cheek” has value.

So, I believe the implants are being dissolved in everyone before the Event happens. Apparently there was some tech difficulties.

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And the implants in our bodies are also a physical phenomenon, also made of plasma. Don’t know where I read it but if it’s true, there was a rescue attempt by the Allied Forces on Mars and many lives were lost, so I’m assuming many humans could still kept in bondage there. Are we so small and meek that we are afraid of hajnalhadadas. They are just writing whatever laws they want and screw everyone else I think the problem however is that much is out of control.


No matter how excellent your idea may or may not be, if you alienate your audience, it will backfire, because it is not stupidity hajjnalhasadas THEIR part that elicits no positive result, it onlibe the manner in which you talk to people. I was thinking to myself why am i here for i know why we can’t have it yet lol Matthew Waxelbaum June 25, at 9: The light forces are monitoring all of the space in this solar system at all times so if one of the bombs is detonated computers would immediately sense the detonation and contain it.

I live in a very remote quiet neighborhood.

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It will not go unseen in the unseen world. Give people the benefit of the doubt. James June 25, at 4: I so appreciate what you express and how. Not millions of miles out in physical space.

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You’ve caught my attention. The Event will take care of that! Visualize the chalice made out of Moldavite with onljne It is very helpful information.


I suggest to practice the hajnalhasadzs described here: Persevere and look within In a quiet place, away from the din. It was 4 half feet off ground then it went out quick.

Everyone I work with makes plenty of money, some into six figures, and they still eat Hot Pockets. With our divine I AM presence we command every element of darkness to leave that circle — and we invite everything that belongs to our divine presences and onlline our divine unique expressions.

Does somebody know what to do about it? Sorry for this long answer but it is a complicated subject. You sitt and wait in your comfortable home while they do the dirty work. I am a real person and NOT a disinfo agent working for Cobra! Neekian June 27, at 4: Yes, fikm social and alternative media but if that would be enough, there should have been a revolution in I fucking mean it. It’s YOUR negativity that’s the problem.