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View all pictures for “Haeundae Lovers”. Koreans who had watched the show login and start subbing. From dead fish faces to the satisfying passionate smooching, actors have different approaches to kissing and different levels of involvement. HS says she wonders what would have happened if not for that accident but Yang bangs her desk, telling HS to stop. I feel like the episodes are slowly getting slower, though. Now there are so many subbers, it gets done in 1. Sometimes I don’t want to take a drama seriously and that’s HL is my cup of tea. He asks if she is dumb.

Does she really know Min Gu well? Keep up the great recap: Come to the stage right now. She is mad, saying he embarrassed her in front of all those people, saving CH instead of her. Man — are they that petty? Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. However, he is always nice and warm towards Yeo-ok Kim Jung-eun , his first love, I can’t believe how much I love this show.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Park Gun Il Supporting Cast. Click here to learn more. Even if it was all an act, I don’t think he would want to cause so much trouble for Sora right before her wedding. Soon Shin suddenly remembers — who on earth is driving Sora over from enlish salon?

I just started this show and am loving the chessiness and fun of it. Maybe it was just for that moment, but wow i thought for a second there that dad might be faking this whole thing.

JH arrives and he knows what to expect from CH. CH is sb to see him too.


Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 14

Log in with Email. Too bad Joon Hyuk actually calls him out, asking for water. More Why didn’t “Haeundae Women” make a hit? JH drives HS to the hotel. He explained that his character is, “an FM prosecutor who is lucid about his job in the beginning. CH practices singing and the piano- lovrrs guide song for YM, probably.

Sign upWhy? Park So Yeon Supporting Cast. But Sora has had enough. Read haeindae leave comments. I only recently discovered this delightful drama with lovable characters through kbs world which is a few episodes behind.

InSu August 30, at I really just wanted this to be feel good rom-com drama and make me laugh, but hmmmnnn, i don’t know. More “Haeundae Lovers” successful final episode?

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They are arm in arm in one and another is one of them back to back. Back at home, Sora massages her father so that he can try and go back to sleep.

JH looks at his phone and sees a message from CH asking for him to xub.

Ehglish is an awesome drama to round off the summer-love it! More Soyeon to fill Kang Ji-young’s space in “Iris 2”? I hope that moment is sweet because they really are awful people, with no scruples whatsoever.

GW chases after SI. CH tries to clean off the wine in bathroom.

Haeundae Lovers

Writing epsiode, there are some quite common ways in which some kisses are not really aided in the romance department by the directors and editors. Ji Hyun Woo on Yo….

Jo takes on the role of Ko So-ra who is always working at the fish market in boots to make a living for her family and is always positive and locers, I think it should have been a bigger plot in the show and revealed a lot sooner. This in so many ways gets better and better, but weirder and weirder??


After he recovers his memory, he stands at a crossroads and has to decide whether he denies his love and has his lover jailed, or he leaves his job and lives with her as a member of a crime ring. Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Doctor goes back to the nurse — and asks her to call up the head of the plastic surgery department! Nam Gyu-ri who is currently starring in the drama as a special guest is slowly becoming a character who holds the key to the relationship between So-ra Jo Yeo-jung and Tae-seong, Having been ditched by Sora and the uncles, Tae Sung drinks alone in front of a convenience store, sipping soju from a straw, and waxing poetic over how miserable his life is.

Once Sora has been treated, Tae Sung has a word with her. Arguments are welcome, fights are not.

Episodes by odilettante. Does anyone want to sit here? I love TaeSung’s Nam Hae faces.