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Houyan attacks Koguryeo and gains a few fortresses. Gwanggaeto had finally gained superiority over its longtime rival Baekje on the Korean peninsula. Will Damdeok really marry Seolji? Do Young Jeong-cheol Park Can’t he shout or something and warn Damdeok instead of taking the spear himself? They follow the instructions given by the fortune teller about how to escape and make it back to Goguryeo.

I think this marriage to Seolji is mostly a political one though Damdeok has a lot of affection for her. He saw the kingdoms of Baekje and Silla as brother nations. Full Cast and Crew. Does anyone know if the actor who plays Sagal Hyeon has any other drama he’s supposed to be acting in soon like the Dol Bisu actor did? And this soldier wasn’t the only one to sacrifice himself so that the king and the queen could be saved. He really hates Damdeok for some reason and works himself up into a rage in the practise yard. He will not cause a rebellion or something of that magnitude, but he will give Damdeok a hard time in court.

Then after that, there will be a lull of about gwanggqeto or four episodes as various things build up to another war, this time with the Malgal.

At the moment Malgal do not pose enough of a threat for Damdeok to pacify them by marrying her. He already has a queen gwanggadto Doyeong is married to someone else. By that point, Go Un must have lost his grudge against Damdeok, otherwise Damju wouldn’t think of marrying him. When he goes back to Koguryeo and the news reaches Yakyeon that Damdeok saw Doyeong in Baekje, she will have to tell him everything I think. Posted January 5, Didn’t she want to return to his side?

Damdeok laughs at that and says if he can cojqueror that he will hhe him a general. Baekje moved its capital to Ungjin present-day Gongju to keep the kingdom alive.

He will be badly defeated in the end. The fact that the kings kept their thrones was the camel’s nose under the tent. Do Young Jeong-cheol Park I can’t forget the scene early on in the rebellion when tne Cheongun member went down on his knees in front of the king and offered to episde the king’s coat so that the king would have a chance to escape. He sailed to the west coast of the peninsula and entered Baekje territory through one of its main rivers.


BTW, I don’t see how she can keep treading the thin line between not helping either Koguryeo or Baekje when staying in Baekje by Asin’s side.

Damdeok can now die in peace. I just don’t want grext drama to focus on her any more. The fortune teller sneaks out of his place and Asin’s men follow him. Mzeiya, I don’t want Yakyeon to die either but since their marriage is shown in the KBS site, I am curious to know how it comes about.

King Gwanggaeto eps 80: The Houyan mass exodus

I think this suits her as she grew up in a rich family and enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle. In this last episode there are flashbacks to the various people that he lost in his life. He saw the kingdoms of Baekje and Silla as brother nations. What happened to her statement that so long as she was by Damdeok’s side she would always have Koguryeo in her heart?

But it would have been interesting if she deed enter the palace, would her father use her as a hostage against Damdeok? Murong Sheng son of Murong Bao, he hasn’t appeared in conquerro drama yet, his mother is obviously not Damju. The first was “tribute”. Is she Asin’s servant?

He is told that envoys from Koguryeo have come. By 0ly40 Started September 14, I don’t want Damdeok’s generosity in letting Go Un go off scot-free end episoode hurting his people. It was so sad. He’ll be totally shaken but will maintain his composure but later he’ll take a horse, ride to some isolated location and cry his heart out.


Yakyeon suits Damdeok better I think. Though she keeps saying that she has no regrets about leaving Goguryeo, episore demeanor says otherwise. As the last Houyan unit moves out, the Goguryeo soldiers in hiding storm the gates of Sinseong, keeping a passage open for their comrades.

Asin decides to get rid of the fortune teller.

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Doyeong went to Baekje voluntarily, so it’s not like they were in competition over her and Damdeok lost her to Asin. After Gwanggaeto dies, Jangsu takes over as Koguryeo’s monarch. Leave this field blank.

If Doyeong had just let Damdeok know what had happened to her when she reached Baekje, then Yakyeon wouldn’t have to explain her actions to him. Reading the latest update from his brother, Murong Bao is taken aback learning he needs military aid while abandoning and escaping Namsoseong. Go Un ends up on the right side of things and escapes death.

I think by that time, Yakyeon has already given birth to Jangsu. But Sagal and his team have already escaped. Wanted to watch the preview and couldn’t. Then there is the famous scene that is written about in the Samguk Sagi in which the Houyan emperor, after conquering a Koguryeo fort, delays entry into it, ordering that a wall of the fort be flattened so that he and the queen can ride in a carriage into the fort, entering it in grand style.

The emperor leaves this fort having ultimately lost it. She schemed to have her lover put on the throne.