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Available to Stream Watch on. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Doc Adams credit only Amanda Blake So he forces an old gang member to kill Matt as he sleeps. Poorly is wounded from Matt’s bullet. Kitty Russell credit only Ken Curtis Share this Rating Title:

Contributors Become a contributor. Matt tells the priest that he killed the sheriff for revenge because he sent him to prison. Deevers tries ambushing Matt from behind but to no avail yet escapes alone. Santillo explains, “He does not kill so easy. Mel Deevers Tige Andrews Marshal and that he’s been tracking this man for days. You find him and you kill him,

Santillo says to Deevers “This man will follow you forever. John Wayne turned down the lead, suggesting James Arness who remained for its entire run.

jackale Who was the Episode MVP? The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Into The Blue 3.

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They spot eachother and Deevers dashes across the street into the nearby church for sanctuary. But when things go wrong Trevor is arrested and placed in jail. Plus Leona must decide to stand up for herself or live back with the outlaws. I liked this episode more than kfo Mel says that Santillo forgot to kill Matt. When the action moves into the open town set, as it does briefly in some episodes, it’s literally a breath of fresh air.


Santillo tells Matt that the horse has a name and to call the horse by his name.

Louie Pheeters Glenn Strange Jafkals follows him and tells him to hold it right there. Next Episode Previous Episode. Padre has Matt resting in his office and as he wakes up, the priest tells Matt that a woman came running to him to tell him that an American was being attacked by their people and he ran as quick as he could to stop it. Add the first question. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Its gunzmoke spawned a number of copycats, but none would enjoy the longevity and few the consistent quality of this classic.

As the marshall gets off his horse and scouts around the prarie, suddenly 2 of the banditos grab Matt’s horse and Santillo tells him that his friend thinks maybe he made a mistake and thought that this was his horse. Mel pleads with Santillo, that he’s got more money and will get him more if he takes him away with them. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

Then Matt asks the Padre if he has any idea where they might be headed, and the priest tells him that there’s a girl at the Mission San Pablo a few days south from there and maybe she might still be there.


Del Rainey Jonathan Goldsmith La La Land 6. The local priest comes and stops the angry mob and saves the marshal from further harm. Padre doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Matt to ride on in his current condition, but Matt tells Padre that he learned everything about the law from his late friend Sheriff Handlin and he’s determined to get the man who killed him.

Jess Trevor Beverly Garland I presume it was simply cheaper to use the open air set as little as possible. I forgot to tell you that we were coming to San Pablo too!

Leslie Nielsen Jess Trevor.

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Guilt-ridden, he brings Leona back to Dodge and learns her story: Full Cast and Crew. A Star Is Born 7. That would be a bad thing. We come on a little business with a friend. Older Padre Rico Alaniz Mel tries making a run back into the church but Matt stops him before he reaches the door and a fight ensues between the two, Matt wins, and tells Mel Deevers, “It’s a long way back, but you’re going all the way.

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