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She has her charms, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. Kinda jarring when he sulks about being misunderstood and he’s crying about wanting to become human then he doesn’t really do anything about it the next morning. I could feel the intensity of her rage after she return-slapped that gisaeng. You can be critical, and still love wholeheartedly. Notify me of new posts via email. Your email address will not be published.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Though really happy Tae-seo and Chung Jo are both on their own paths. I love that he told KC it was okay for him to love YW. I was dreading the exact same thing, and was ridiculously happy it didn’t happen. I completely felt everything she was going thru. I wonder if it has the same function with Kang Chi’s bracelet.

Dam Yeo Wool is a master of martial arts and archery. I kind of liked it.

If you’re gonna do romance, do away with all the cutesy and make it more deep and mature. But i’m a little dramwcrazy on the OST.

How do you pick up the pieces and keep going? And then we finally catch up to the events that closed the last episode: Love the characters here Possibly when YW bit him, but that was more flirty that you hate as well.

But I think most of them drqmacrazy hear people’s complaint since I have seen many dramas where the story change so much.

Kangchi, the Beginning

He runs, and out pops Wol-ryung. LOL i was really serious when i said drmaacrazy your complaint to the writer, i did agree with you that the story has flaws.

How I wish there’s a twist that Dam is actually alive and she will be Head Gisaeng’s right hand. This sounds really good!


I may learn to like this new TS after all the annoyance he gave in the past episodes. I wish the writer could’ve held off KC’s gumihoness a secret for much longer instead of the whole world knowing it Yes, almost everyone in this drama knows he’s a gumiho. I just read the recaps. You have no problem with the drama, yet you have a problem with people complaining about it. Is Suzy’s dad confirmed as one of them?

I watched it raw late last nite and was sold!

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Can’t wait for it Yoo Yeon Seok Main Cast. We’re only halfway through this thing. I am digging the parents love story a lot.

LK April 9, at 1: Goes to show that he wouldn’t be a rock in their way in the future. I’m still taking in the idea that WR no longer eats cute fluffy rabbits, ur idea that he’s finding KangChi appetizing is even more unbearable. Rest assured now, this ship will sail itself.

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Cut after a couple of months, Suzy guested in strong heart. He never had any motivation whatsoever to go out there and try to protect the family on his own from the moment he lived in the school. More thrilled after I watched it.

I never notice things like this. With the search party hot on their heels, Seo-hwa struggles to keep up with her brother, already weakened from her ordeal. Wol-ryung has been watching all night, debating back and forth whether he should help her. Lee Yeon Hee really impressed me, I think finally she showed us what she can do. At the sight of the shadowy figure with glowing red eyes, the guy runs screaming, but Wol-ryung is faster and comes up behind him.


Kangchi’s look at the end was just amazing. Very good opening episode and AppaHo is really sexy.

And as you said “amongst ourselves, we can fully explore the dramas So with great reluctance, Little Brother vows to find her eventually, then runs on. Plus shes young too, but I seem to like Han Ji Hye as the lead in Sweet 18 and she was I believe 19 at the time and I think that was her second major project too after playing second lead in Summer Scent except she wasn’t a kpop idol first.

It was nice to see some light-hearted stuff after so much drama and we all know the make-over scene has to make an appearance somewhere and I think having it in the filler episode is better than smack dab in the middle of famjly action scene or dramatic moments. And I can’t stop laughing every week with the constant changes in Gon’s hair style, they keep trying to make it right.