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Throw money on us, we’ll do any crap you say. It could have been executed in a far better way. If the director had blindly copied the almighty, the movie could have been at least watchable. Amitabh Bachhan as “The God” looks very descent and elegant. Rumi Jaffery shamelessly copies Bruce Almighty, adds some idiotic sequences of his own, throws few songs and here’s what we get- a horrible copy of Bruce almighty. Best Salman Movies where he acted well and script too was great. Though they both look good together in their scenes and songs. God gives Salman all his powers for 10 days so Salman can prove god that a human like him can run the world better than God, played by Amitabh Bachchan.

God Tussi Great Ho The message in this movie is basically simple: Special Effects are also OK and don’t go over the board. I just wish the director had put more humor and spent more on the Fx. Final verdict, if you love Bollywood movies no matter how bad they are, you will probably enjoy it. Will he get his job and Priyanka back?

God Tussi Great Ho The best part of the movie comes in the last 40 minutes where the narration is inspired from Hrishikesh Mukherjee kind of cinema. If India had Razzie, this one would have been a sure winner.

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All the comic actors in the movie like Rajpal Yadav have very few funny lines to offer which makes you feel asking for more. Was this review helpful? Sohail Khan is the Casanova type lover who makes Salman’s life miserable and even gets him fired from his job. He later realizes that considering each person’s wishes individually would be too time-consuming, so to save time and effort he grants everybody’s wishes, including the wish of criminals to be free and Rocky’s wish that Alia marries him.


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But it was a little strange to see that “The God” chooses to meet Salman, through the unexisting floor of a five star hotel. God, tussi seriously great ho. Bruce Almighty itself was no classic but just a omvie entertainer with a stunning performance by Jim Carrey.

Just not one of my favorite movies. Music department only comes with one good song, “Aa Chalti Kya” and all other songs are below average. Overall it was a good film but not great because it was pretty predictable throughout. ggtgh

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The direction is very simple and the director keeps shifting between the comedy and social track in the second half. It’s a case of stealing the plot of a Hollywood film and then pretending have no idea that the two films are similar!

Instead the rehash is as loud as its interior decoration, as uncool as Salman Khan’s wardrobe, as ugly as Priyanka Chopra’s nose-ring, and as brain-dead as Sohail Khan’s performance.

Best Salman Movies where he acted well and script too was great. Archived from the original on 14 October Retrieved from ” https: Can Bollywood not make any good films anymore? The story revolves around a plot in which God gives Salman the powers to run the world for ten days.

He gets this brainwave of using this million-dollar raking formula of a can’t-go-wrong script what happens when a down and out guy gets to be God for ten daysincorporates his own twisted sensibilities that lack both detail and imagination and then signs on a bunch of saleable stars.


My final opinion is that if you are a Salman Khan fan, then go for this, else you are better off skipping this one.

The movie could be more enjoyable if the script was based on this single plot with some more comedy sequences. How movle it work really?

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GypsiB 31 March But the funniest person in the movie has to be hand out anupum kher he played a very funny and horrible dad at the same time watch the movie you’ll know what i mean.

A warm welcome to all friends with a loving invitation to full my personal expressions on movies, music, poetry and life. Sohail Khan did a very good job playing the funny guy who tries to take priyanka away from salman. I fail to understand why Amitabh Bachchan has to wear a replica of Morgan Freeman’s wardrobe.

Throw money on us, we’ll do any crap you say. To add to the shame quotient, director denies it being a copy. When i was going to the theatre i wasn’t gull a lot from the movie to tell you the truth.

Rumi Jaffrey handles the film so awfully, she makes the film look like a David Dhawan rip off. Music is average, the only decent track would be Let’s Party and the Aksa Beach one would be a funny track. Ggh best Bollywood movies to watch!