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Reporting is a legal requirement; failure to do so incurs an administrative penalty. Referencing British lecture tours by US authors from to , identifies the construction of a performative, embodied, celebrity author. The data are checked and analysed before the final assessment. The Commission expects this provision to be modified in the near future. The figures were collected directly from all monitored TV stations, on a sample basis of four randomly selected weeks within the above mentioned period. This channel was launched at the end of

The average proportion of European works by independent producers on all reported channels in was The reasons stated in the report for failure to comply with the proportion of European works lie in the conditions imposed by the US producers package sales and the cost of domestically produced works compared with the cost of programmes purchased abroad. Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, — In some Member States the data are verified by the regulator or an independent research organisation and in a few the competent authority or an independent organisation is directly involved in monitoring. The broadcaster BTV stated that for both services it was experiencing “difficulties in complying with the broadcast quotas for European works which are less than five years old and made by independent producers. The Commission is responsible for ensuring correct application of Articles 4 and 5 of the Directive in accordance with the Treaty. The proportion of channels which did not communicate their statistical data both for European works and independent productions is significant

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Even though the legislation has not been amended, Comedg Radio Television Authority did request the quotas from these two stations and it is comwdy very first time that Cyprus is reporting figures for these two channels for purposes of this report. In accordance with Article 89 4 eall television broadcasters must report on their compliance with the obligations under Article 7 1 and 2regardless of whether they are exempted or not.

Project MUSE – Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, –

According to the report, the reason for Smash TV’s failure to fulfil the European works proportion seems kurdjsh be in relation with its low audience share 0. In this respect, the report points out that the CSA has sent warnings and letters of formal notice to several channels which did not supply their data.

On the other hand, the report states that the particular thematic nature or niche audience of some channels should be taken into account when assessing their compliance with the European works.

Over the reference period, seven out of eight reported channels did not achieve the majority proportion required by the Article 4 of the Directive. The broadcaster BTV stated that for both services it was experiencing “difficulties in complying with the broadcast quotas for European works which are less than five years old and made by independent producers.

In keeping with the European Commission guidelines contained in point 2. Here the only comment to be made concerns the public broadcaster VRT for andand more specifically Canvas. comey

The data are checked and analysed before the final assessment. In this respect, the Commission reiterates that the proportion specified in Article 4 1 of the Directive applies to all television channels of a broadcaster which fall within the jurisdiction of a Member State and are covered by the mentioned Article. No reason was given to explain why the non-compliant channels failed to reach the required proportion of European works.


Apart from broadcasters belonging to editorial groups Rai, Mediaset, Telecom Italia, Sky, Fox, NBC, Sitcom, Jetix, Digicast and Walt Disneymany of the remaining which in fact represent the majority of the reported broadcasters simply simulcast local content, which is reasonably of national production and as such European. However, this information does not enable the Board to determine the exact proportion of recent independent European works.

The Commission acknowledges on the other hand that the Czech authorities have taken action against PRIMA TV, a generalist channel which did not fulfil the required proportion of European works in Of the total of 15 identified channels, one Current Italy was non-operational in In a small country with a limited language area it is therefore impossible to produce or arrange to have produced many own children’s programmes.

The national report does not provide any reason for their failure to reach the required proportions of European works or independent productions, nor does it report on measures being taken against those channels.

The results achieved in the reference period represents a significant decline compared to the previous period – 54 percentage point decrease between and Having regard to the fact that HBO channel achieved a Indicator 1 was calculated for each Member State and for all Member States taken together. The Commission welcomes the quality of the UK reporting which covers channels in and in Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

In the case of Premiere Austria, in order to gain greater audience acceptance, an increased number of current international and above all United States productions were used. In addition, the Commission welcomes the intention of the Slovenian Authorities to improve their monitoring methods.

Especially in cases where channels continually fail to meet these proportions, stricter enforcement of the national rules in place is the only way to. For the period, of the total of six reported channels, five exceeded the minimum proportion of transmission time specified in Article 4 of the Directive, while one channel LNT did not.

The broadcaster had not yet finalised the khrdish for this channel, which had been modified frequently following analyses of viewing figures. The monitoring frequency also varies from. Five channels were exempt coemdy no data was communicated for two channels Suryoyo Sat and 4chira. Forout of the 17 reported channels, kurfish channels exceeded the minimum proportion specified in Article 5 of the Directive, and one channel KinoTV did not meet the target for the second consecutive year.

EX 26 Channels exceptionally exempt or exempt under the ‘where practicable’ provision. Broadcasters that have not submitted an application for exemption or those that have submitted one but were refused by the ORTT and who subsequently failed to meet the prescribed quotas, are to conclude an agreement in cooperation with the ORTT in which they undertake to achieve at least the proportion attained the previous year in the year following the conclusion of the agreement, in accordance with the principle of progressivity.


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U TV was not licensed to broadcast in and has not yet been issued with a new license. Forof the reported channels, 64 achieved the majority proportion required by the Article 4 of the Directive, and 43 channels did not meet this target. Since this channel has failed to fulfil the required proportion for several reference periods and does not show any improvement sign, effective enforcement measures should be taken in order to ensure that the channel increases its proportion of European works.

It is difficult for RTE 2 to meet the quota when news and sports programming is excluded from the total qualifying time. KRRiT the National Broadcasting Council had objected to this practice on the grounds that it was incompatible with the legal definition of a programme and the broadcaster had to adjust the classification method it had previously used and exclude self-promotional programmes from the group of programmes classified as European works.

Of the 34 covered channels, one was non-operational and another one was exempt. The channel did not give its reasons for this omission and did not make any declaration, therefore the ORTT, in its Decision No.

Inout of the reported channels, 93 channels achieved the majority proportion of transmission time specified in Article 4 of the Directive, while 39 channels did not.

List of Television channels in the Member States which failed to achieve the majority proportion required by Article Some also argued that, especially for new market entrants targeting a very specific audience, European programmes were not attractive enough to build up a viewer base. However, situations such as those described in the two abovementioned reports do not exempt channels from the obligations set out in Articles 4 and 5 of the Directive.

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The broadcaster informed KRRiT that it had taken action to increase the proportion of works by independent producers on the channel. For the reasons mentioned above and mainly for the financial reasonsit became necessary, in the broadcaster’s opinion, to pashw this programming format so as to attract the largest possible viewer audience at a relatively low cost. For each programme component it was indicated inter alia whether it counted towards the transmission time to be taken into account, whether it was a European production, whether it was an independent production, and the year in which it was produced.

Six channels did not communicate any data in and The Commission would like to reiterate that the majority proportion set out in Article 4 kurdsih applies ;asha all channels covered by this Article and to stress the role that fiction channels should play to promote European works.