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When Siegfried and Gunther have departed and Gutrune, having sighed her farewell after her lover, has retired, Hagen broods with wicked glee over the successful inauguration of his plot. She issues orders for a huge funeral pyre to be assembled by the river, and sends Wotan’s lurking ravens home with “anxiously longed-for tidings. It’s dawn, and they hail their hopeful new beginning. The compact of blood-brotherhood is a most sacred one. How eloquent the music of these exciting scenes! The curtain rises upon the exterior of the hall of the Gibichungs. When Gunther objects, Hagen attacks and kills him. Once more its stately motive resounds, only to crumble, like a ruin, before the onsweeping power of the motive of expiation.

Distant hunting-horns are heard. Gunther, lord of the Gibichungs, sits enthroned. A sequence of leitmotifs portray the fire flaring up, and the hall of the Gibichungs catching fire and collapsing. Hagen calls everyone to witness the joining of the two couples: She takes the ring and tells the Rhinemaidens to claim it from her ashes, once fire has cleansed it of its curse. You may disable the use of cookies if you do not wish to accept them, however, this may limit the website’s overall functionality.

When Gunther objects, Hagen appeals to the vassals to support his claim. In return, Gunther pledges to allow Siegfried to marry Gutrune. She denounces Siegfried in front of Gunther’s vassals. She deplores the trickery through which she was won and proclaims Siegfried to be her true husband. However, as with the rest of the RingWagner’s account diverges significantly from his Old Norse sources.

She condemns the gods for their guilt in his death, takes the Ring, and promises it to the Rhinemaidens. Hagen stabs him in the back with his spear. Gunther draws his sword but Hagen attacks and easily kills him. The Rhinedaughters swim off leaving him gotterdammegung his fate. Here is the principal theme of their song in this scene: Wild with grief she overwhelms Gunther with violent accusations.


In the course hotterdammerung his narrative he refreshes himself by a draught from the drinking-horn into which meanwhile Hagen has pressed the juice of an herb.

At the Gibichung hall, Gutrune nervously awaits her bridegroom’s return.

Gotterdammerung – Epic Finale to Wagners Ring Cycle

Siegfried arrives as dawn breaks, having secretly resumed his natural form and traded places with Gunther. The Rhinemaidens ask Siegfried for the ring and as the hunters rest, Hagen gives Siegfried a drink that revives his memory, piercing his back with his spear and mortally wounding him.

Now let’s look at the plot of Gotterdammerung. As a pledge of fidelity, Siegfried gives her the ring which he took from Fafner’s hoard. For it is at this opportune moment Gunther chances to address him: With a final cry he is drowned by the Rhinemaidens, as the “Redemption through Love” theme sums everything up:. Though fearful that she may lose the hero, she sends him forth to deeds of valor. At the very beginning of this act the Hagen Motive is heard.

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New in this scene is the Gutrune Motive: Noticing the Ring on Siegfried’s hand, she realizes she has been betrayed. Dusk falls as Siegfried returns transformed by the Tarnhelm into Gunther’s form.


These excerpts include specially composed endings so that the excerpt is better able to stand on its own as a complete composition. Her passion is as strong and deep as her nature.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. How eloquent the music of these exciting scenes! Gunther welcomes him, and Gutrune offers him the potion.


Music-drama in a prologue and three acts. How picturesque the mise-en-scene of this act — a clearing in the forest primeval near a spot where the bank of the Rhine slopes toward the river.

As the river overflows its banks and the Gibichung hall is consumed, the Rhinemaidens, dragging Hagen to his death, regain their gold, at last purified of its curse. Has the race of the Gibichungs fallen so low in prowess? Back in Gibichung Hall, Gutrune awaits Siegfried’s return. The opera contains his freest, richest, most glorious olera – the best, I think, he ever wrote!

On the river lies the hall of the Gibichungs, where house Gunther, his sister Gutrune, and Hagen, their half-brother. This is the Motive synopis Vengeance: As dawn breaks, Siegfried returns with cheerful greetings for Hagen and Gutrune: Music Games Nursery Rhymes. Once the potion has worked, Gunther tells Siegfried about the goddess enclosed by flames and asks for Siegfried’s help in winning her.