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The only good part about it was Rufus’s glasses. It’s been a real pleasure writing about the show in its final season because few shows have derailed to such a hilarious degree at the end and because I apparently love week stretches of misery. So Josh Schwartz and I came up with the whole idea… Having Kristen on the show was very, very special. I clearly have a problem. Edited at It was nothing that we talked to the actors about. Chuck is an egotistical little shit! We knew what we were writing to in Season 6.

It seems a too good to be true, but Nate’s new breakthrough may be key in the unveiling of the person responsible for the gossip site. But then, once the wedding happened and both of them went to jail, none of that truly mattered. I’ll work for free. My only reason for watching it was Sebastian Stan tbh. How many episodes will the sixth and final season entail? Who does Blair Leighton Meester choose?

I’m going to both the admitted students weekends, which are next week and the week after, so hopefully I’ll lean towards one after that.

Still, Blair showed up at a Parisan casino where Chuck was gambling to earn back his fortune. So much of the first 25ish minutes of the finale were dedicated to C and B trying to avoid the police just for questioning, mind you, because these are OUR HEROES—and planning a sham wedding on the fly with the help of Uncle Jack Bass and raise your hand if you thought Desmond Harrington would get more screen time than like half of the longtime series regulars.


It’d be poetic justice for producers that don’t give a fuck about their show. No one said anything substantive about what happened to Bart, what rutuge means for Chuck as a man, how it will shape his relationship with Blair, nothing.

‘Gossip Girl’ Finale, Season 5, Episode 24, ‘The Return of the Ring’: TV Recap – Speakeasy – WSJ

They just have to fly me to New York and pay for the hotel I live in. Serena was elated because she’s brain dead. Unfortunately, it’s probably still the defining show of The CW, which makes this an end of an era of failure and misguided niche hype.

We knew what we were writing to in Season 6. April 10th, In bossip end, it was all about the one that got away: They had the only consistent relationship on the show until that shitty final season. Reveal that he’s Gossip Girl so they’ll just forgive him.

Bart may have won back the heart of Lily but he Bass-blocked his son and Jack Desmond Harrington from being a rpisode ingrained in Bart Industries. I just got an internship near Stanford and I love the area. It seemed like the ultimate coming together of their union and their future.

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I honestly believe that they re-wrote the finale last second. I didn’t want to be proven right – but I was proven right!

It was always just a question of were we going rutuve reveal it or not to reveal it. The only good part about it was Rufus’s glasses.


May 15th, Bart’s reasoning for publicly banishing his son from his duties with the company: Edited at He really enjoyed his hormone-free Thanksgiving concert that he went to. I’ve stopped watching the last 2 seasons but with the reaction I’m going to get sucked back in and just watch the finale.

That was what Chuck renamed himself when he was shot. Dan hates the UES! But anyway, I think this is one of the sites that works for me. But more importantly, we felt that Rufus and Lily gave it a real college try.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 The Return of the Ring “Part 1 Full HD”

You should be boastful! How many episodes will the sixth and final season entail?

Serene is an out of control party girl who sleeps with her friend’s boyfriend! You guys know I wish they all would have ended up in prison. And wouldn’t you know it, Dan and Serena got their magical, opulent wedding as well!

Executive producer Stephanie Savage weighs in on all of those questions and previews the upcoming gidl and final season. If you’re a producer, then pandering to them is usually a good way to make your show crash and burn. No more Lola in season six? The reactions from the rest of the core characters were more amusing than the actual reveal.