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Real life isn’t always wrapped in neat little bows. Animega – 26 days ago. God, that was awful. Together, they create a brand new song to use for their yosakoi dance. Life passes us by—is always passing us by—and yet we are so often unaware of its slow and constant ebb. If only the same ideas were conveyed in a more clearer way. Time is music, and the space out of which it resounds is the future.

Glasslip is simulcast on Crunchyroll Thursdays at I confess it was not the most convincing or satisfying of interpretations. And yet the show really plays with your heart strings. Stark All reviews people found this review helpful. If only the same ideas were conveyed in a more clearer way. This plotline is also speculated to cap off the upcoming season similar to how the anime use the Farm Battle to conclude the previous finale. Cells at Work Anime Ending and Opening. There is no true beauty, only nothingness.

Home Sweet Homes Home is where the heart is, but sometimes, people need more than just love.

Behind him, things have changed forever in the group of friends. Sure, you can puzzle it together all you want from boredom, but that doesn’t make the show any better for what it is: When a friend of yours is suddenly sad, you suddenly feel it too.

Jul 4, 1: And also that ending. Now, with the ending, I’m in on the ”hate the ambiguous endings” train. She forsees unfortunate events let’s be frank, events that might actually add a bit of interest to the anime They found out the shrooms they were taking were awesome: Goblin Slayer Ending and Opening Full.


Glasslip is simulcast on Crunchyroll Thursdays at I just wanted to finish this to move on. O as the audience? This epjsode discussion masterfully disproves that.

Glasslip lives in and is 113 aware of this slippage, of the ever flowing moments we live and cannot reencounter. The basic premise was good, the characters were good. I find something cool; I want to share it.

I feel like I’m watching the same episode over and over again. Jun 30, 8: I don’t believe these kids have ever been such close precious friends.

Glasslip Episodes 11 and Who Cares? – oprainfall

At the end of their final conversation, Yuki, having finally moved on from his crush on Touko, tells her: Animega 29 days reddiy. Sadly, there were no kiss scenes between them.

The show is adorable and like deddit shot of goddamn sunshine right into the brain. They just tend to be darker and more abstract. In case you don’t really like your life for some reason, watch this. I can tolerate ambiguous endings, but even for me there was just too much left hanging to be totally satisfied. Animega 25 days ago.

Tenchi never decides on a girl. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They all go back to living their harmonious living of repressed emotions and desires, remaining stunted in their emotional growth. Bungou Stray Dogs returns with a new character in April And the show is wonderfully conscious of itself.


Really excited in the beginning of the series. Shame that they were the MC with their stupid visions.

Glasslip Episode 13 Discussion

Is it about everyone’s romance, friendship, or that episdoe no Kakera”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Time brings epsiode things together.

I do think that Yuki and Yanagi are together by Hina’s reaction. Raiding rural civilizations to kidnap females of other species for breeding, these vile creatures are free to continue their onslaught as adventurers turn a blind eye in favor of more rewarding assignments with larger bounties.

He is the very antithesis of them: Edit Ending Theme 1: Your very elaborate post about temporality works well, too. Wipes a tear Hello! Glasslip Episode 13 Discussion. I stayed up the whole night watching this anime thanks to YouTube saying this glassslip was one of the “Top 20 Romances. Then, how do we respond when in moments of clarity we truly feel the unyielding flow of time coursing through and around us? He decided to stay and make that town his new home since Touko-chan made him feel like at home.