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Ghosts of Seasons Past 9 It’s believed the tormented souls of the students still linger there. Your browser is out of date. Ghost Hunters Season 7: The tunnels are so dark it’s difficult to see anything more than three feet ahead. Previous Episode Ohio Reformatory. Graffit and worn paint line the walls of Mayflower.

Kay’s Hollow 11 Photos. Debris lines the floors in many of the buildings. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Pennhurst State 10 Photos. Haunted Hospitals 12am 11c. Curse of the River Bend 30 Photos. Go back to the previous page.

A door bang coming from the third floor got their attention and when they headed up there they continued to experience noises from dragging to knocking to doors closing. Pennhurst State, a school for the developmentally disabled, was forced to close its doors in after numerous allegations of abuse and neglect.

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Steel beams are rusting out and forget much electricity. The seedy remains of a former cafeteria in Dietary. There’s nothing comfortable about Pennhurst.

They heard some footsteps but nothing more paranormal to note.


Ghost Hunters Live (2011) – Pennhurst Asylum Part. 1/5

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry headed to one of the residential floors of what is called the “Mayflower” building. Kennedy Mine 11 Photos. It’s believed the tormented souls of the students still linger there.

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It was forcibly closed in after constant stories of patient episose and its’ ballooning population of over 3, They also went into a spooky set of extensive tunnels that connect 26 buildings. Posted by Lee Peacock at 3: Home Shows Ghost Adventures Episodes The team will have their hands full covering the acres of paranormal grounds. Gates of Hell House 13 Photos.

My Ghost Story 12pm 11c. In the Mayflower Building, investigators heard dragging sounds, the sound of a door shutting, footsteps and knocking.

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They decided to leave a camera aimed at it for the rest of the investigation, hoping for one last act while they were there. Kay’s Hollow 11 Photos. Unfortunately, the window frame did not slam again. My Ghost Story 2pm 1c.


Children’s voices are still heard in what many refer to as “Candy Land”. Cape Asylun 25 Photos. To sign up, please enable JavaScript.

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Former residents got little rest while at Pennhurst. A dim uninviting corner that was once used as a recreational space. One of the building’s towers looms high in the sky. The Washoe Club 13 Photos. Season 2, Episode They also experienced malfunctioning flashlights, and Adam was hit in the face with a bug during an especially tense moment. A Haunting 9am 8c. Property owner Richard Chakejian gave TAPS members a tour of the property and noted that the asylum had about 3, residents when it closed.

It wasn’t long before they began hearing noises, whispers, and footsteps.