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During the lockdown, an entity mimics and torments Aaron. Both buildings have been plagued by death, leading to poltergeist activity that torments paranormal investigators. Perryville, Kentucky , US. The crew heads to Mokelumne Hill, CA, to investigate one of the state’s oldest operating hotels. They communicate with her on what was supposed to be her 25th birthday on Valentine’s Day. The now decrepit buildings were once used to punish nuns who had broken their vows, including a nun who got pregnant, and committed suicide after the Mother drowned her baby in the swimming pool. GAC travels to San Jose, California , to get locked-down inside the legendary Winchester Mystery House , a room Victorian mansion filled with mazes of hallways, staircases leading to nowhere, and trap doors. Louisville, Kentucky , US.

Zak and the crew investigate a historic hotel plagued by dark spirits in Grand Junction, CO. Buckeye, Arizona , US. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , to investigate a home terrorized by an ancient, demonic force called ” Zozo “, an ancient demon which is known for attacking, sexually assaulting and possessing its victims through a spirit board. They investigate to find answers for the construction crew that were scared out of the location after coming into contact with spirits. Paris , Ile-de-France , France. Route special episode. GAC travel to Springfield, Missouri to investigate Pythian Castle , a historic building infected with violent spirits who appear to mimic the living and deliver fatal premonitions. Retrieved November 28,

Alameda, CaliforniaUS. They learn about the stories of Satan visiting the premises and the mythological creatures of Massy Woodsincluding a banshee. Shockingly, the guys uncover a secret underground tunnel that allows a demon mimicking a Native American woman to travel between the two buildings.

An unsolved explosion killed seven workers and is suspected to be caused by sabotage by an enemy spy. The Slaughterhouse 13 Photos. GAC head to Yuma to investigate the Yuma Territorial Prisonwhich earned islanx name Hell Hole due to the intense heat of the location and inhumane punishments dealt to the inmates, such as locking them in the Snake Den.

A murder-suicide aventures by one of Borden’s relatives in is also mentioned. San Antonio, TexasUS. Walnut Grove, CaliforniaEposode.


Adams, TennesseeUS. An active bordello from toit’s the longest-running house of prostitution. Charleston, South CarolinaUS. Events lead Jay’s wife to quit the team and almost leads Zak to commit suicide under the influence of an unknown dark entity.

Also, they head to San Antonio to test a local legend at the Missions Park train tracks, where a school bus of little children was all instantly killed when a speeding train collided with it. Retrieved April 11, Guthrie, OklahomaUS. GAC heads to Yorktown, Texasto investigate the town’s old hospital, where it is claimed that as many as 2, people died.

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Tooele, UtahUS. The crew heads to Nevada City, Californiato investigate both the National Exchange Hotel and the tunnels underneath the nearby Stonehouse Brewery where several Chinese laborers perished.

Enchanted Forest 13 Photos. GAC heads to Villisca, Iowato investigate the Villisca Axe Asventures Househome to the infamous Villisca Axe Murders ofwhere an unknown axe murderer killed an entire family of six and two overnight guests while they slept. Retrieved February 23, Crisis in Oakdale 19 Photos.

Sonora, CaliforniaUS. Bolton, MississippiUS.

The guys watch in awe as they glimpse a misty figure by the tower. Warrenton, OregonUS. Zak tours Downtown Los Angeles locations associated with victim Elizabeth Short adventurfs life with crime historian Kim Cooper, whose tour company Esotouric offers to walk in the footsteps of the real Black Dahlia.

Zak and the crew continue their exploration of Vicksburg, MS, by investigating a demonic presence at a hair salon that was hit by cannon fire during the Civil War. Natchitoches, LouisianaUS. Stories of spirits at Tooele Hospital, bring Zak, Nick, and Aaron to investigate this hospital turned haunted house named “Asylum 49”. GAC travel to the legendary Wild West town of Deadwood, in South Dakota’s Black Hills to investigate its most haunted locations, where islandd spirits of cowboys and gunslingers still roam.

Savannah, GeorgiaUS. The guys remember all their international lockdowns in the world’s most sinister places. Ghost Adventures Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes. Zak, Nick, and Aaron return to the Virginia City, Nevadathe city where they captured some of their most compelling paranormal evidence to date.


His ghost is alleged to dislike men and often attacks them. Wickenburg, ArizonaUS.

GAC travel to the mystical country of Ireland to investigate locations steeped with demonic activity, while also covering the origins of Halloween. Sauk Centre, MinnesotaUS. A devastating fire and the town’s violent history has left a dark presence in the historic building that threatens the safety of employees and guests.

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Their lock-down includes; the Dai Loy Museum, once an illegal gambling houseopium den and brothel where a cheating player was shot and killed, the Tong Building, where a man was attacked by an unseen force, and the Star Theater, where the singing spirit of Mai Ling eppisode heard. The Ghost Adventures crew travels to Ashmore, Illinoisto investigate the Ashmore Adventurexa former almshouse built in and then converted into a private psychiatric facility in Originally a campground, the cabins contain an evil entity that possibly possessed night watchmen to hold 38 teenagers hostage in Retrieved December 4, They also visit the nearby Comstock Mine after a worker got spooked by an entity while preparing the area for advebtures, and also investigate the Union Tunnel Mine, which is an old mine shaft that was recently rediscovered.

GAC head back to the west coast for their lockdown wdventures the infamous Whaley House of Old TownSan Diegoone of the most haunted houses in America due to its numerous spirits haunting the advenhures, including Violet Whaley who committed suicide through gunshot wound in the outhouse and the ghost of “Yankee Jim”, a thief who was hanged on the gallows in ; the same spot where settler Thomas Whaley built his home four years later.

Lompoc, CaliforniaUS.

Retrieved May 2, Logan CanyonUtahUS. GAC recall their most intense encounters and life-threatening moments with ghosts and spirits of all time during their lockdowns. Haunted Case Files 11pm 10c. ParisIle-de-FranceFrance.