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Lakshmi exhorts Saraswati to go ahead with Kshitij because he would keep her happy. Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann —. Menka informs Suryakant about it. Menka tells Suryakant that Lakshmi’s fault is not worthy of being forgiven but insists that he does so. Kshitij promises Lakshmi never to bother Saraswati again and cause her further pain. She then says that she’ll convince Suryakant to let Lakshmi also join them for breakfast. Savitri promises to keep Saraswati happy as long as she was in her paternal home, so she asks Saraswati about her favourite dishes.

Chanchal feels hurt and promises Savitri that she would never cross her limits again. Gauri and Durga overhear Lakshmi and Saraswati’s talks. Savitri apologises to Menka but Menka asks her not to stop her. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Meanwhile, Yuvraj bribes the girl and threatens her never to divulge their affair to anybody. He reads it and vows that nobody can separate her from him now!

When Chanchal tries to intervene, they taunt her about her broken marriage! After the party is over, Lakshmi and her sisters take Saraswati to the terrace and surprise her by making her meet Kshitij. Later, Lakshmi is overwhelmed with joy when her sisters surprise her with a birthday cake at midnight. Suryakant summons Savitri, so she asks him to forgive Lakshmi once. Menka enters the terrace and goes to fetch the sari as well as the chillies kept to dry, and sees Saraswati and Kshitijs reflection in ghat mirror!

She says that her father has betiyajn decided about her life, and walks away. Suryakant showers all his affection only on his son, while his daughters continue oakshmi yearn for their fathers affection.

Rajshri takes an instant liking to Saraswati. Baa says that their father and Menka had cried for their happiness but asserts that only the girls will now pay for their misdeeds. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on betiyanm phone or tablet!

A guilty Saraswati walks away, crying.

eoisode Savitri scolds Chanchal for coming over because Suryakant disapproves of her but Chanchal says that she was here only to share her troubles. Lakshmi narrates the temple episode to Savitri and pleads her to reject the proposal but Savitri replies that it would be best to remain quiet for now.


Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Baa says that there will be no jewellery given for a daughter who doesn’t care about her father’s honour.

Ghzr come home just then but Menka orders Gauri and Lakshmi not to meet the boy but Lakshmi urges Gauri to at least look at the boy from a distance. Lakshmi and Kshitij are informed about the theft. But a hesitant Yuvraj asks his father to let Durga and Gauri give a surprise dance for the function! Will Saraswati stop Kshitij from leaving? Dhara says that she wants to cancel the wedding but Suryakant begs her to reconsider her decision. Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann —.

Everyone celebrates Yuvrajs birthday. Halki ghxr and tells Phulki that Menka is putting on an act betiyanh the real fun would start when their brother would return and see Menka leaving! Baa accuses Savitri of not being a good daughter-in-law or a wife by not giving an heir to her family, and warns Savitri to get her daughters married without dishonouring Suryakant.

Menka says that the girls were given too much freedom. Rasik gets a call again and he promises the person to repay the money by the next morning. However, just then, Menka hears the horn of Suryakants car and says epissode she is firm about leaving. Baa and Suryakant apologise to Yuvraj and his parents. Suryakant then announces that the engagement will take place but without Lakshmi’s presence. Yet, Savitri voices her concern to Suryakant.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

Menka asks him not to get angry with Lakshmi because it wasnt the fault of the girls that they had never accepted her although she had tried to be a lkshmi mother.

Menka instigates Suryakant to respect Baa’s decision.

Suryakant gifts Yuvraj a new sports car. Meanwhile, Lakshmi goes searching for the girl but of no avail.

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Want to Make a Cult Classic? He refuses, so she slaps him. When they see Rajshri, Halki and Phulki taunt betijann Dhara’s misfortune for having a daughter like her but Lakshmi takes Rajshri away. When blessed with a baby boy, he neglects his first wife and daughters.


Durga reminds her that it was Yuvraj’s birthday too the next day, and their father would surely celebrate it. His disguise is removed, and everybody is stunned to see Kshitij!

Just when Kshitij is about to leave, he receives a letter from Saraswati.

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Suryakant calls out to Lakshmi and declares that her punishment was that she would not be able to participate in her sister’s wedding! Betiyyann Hindi Movies and Shows. Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann — 5. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

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An enraged Suryakant demands to know from Lakshmi what she had laksnmi now. He asks her to take care of his honour. Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books.

Just then, Kshitij manages to find Saraswati alone and confesses his feelings to her but she says that she fosters no feelings for him. Preparations are on, to formalise Saraswati and Bhavishya’s match as well as to welcome Yuvraj. Lakshmi and Kshitij try to escape but all the doors are shut. Kshitij is then disguised as one of the dancers. Rasik then receives a call from a lady demanding that her money be repaid by the next morning. The girls try to get in touch with Yuvraj but he is busy gambling and drinking, se he doesn’t attend to the call.

Kshitij promises Lakshmi never to bother Saraswati again and laksjmi her further pain. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.