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The weather is weird and some football game is happening. A boy hero from pre-history and his inhuman, divine ward wake up from suspended animation to reveal some heavy truths about the history of Bacchus Wrath. In this week’s episode we witness a Trojan Hand and go prettydeep down the head-canon rabbit hole trying to explain someinexplicable issues. Meanwhile the Dairangers learn paradigm changing things about their Matt and Dave take a look back at their year of Jetman, answer user questions, and discuss the future of the show in this Jetman wrap-up episode! This week, an unexpected occurrence and some last minute scrambling bring us a special episode of the show with a look at the first episode of Chojuu Sentai Liveman! Dave is back and Ohranger is hurtling towards a conclusion! The Proud Emergency Vehicle” Transcription:

They review a poorly chosen five stars segment and share a fifteen year old story about the time Dave Jay played Rico in a dance production of Liveman just comes running right out of the gate like it How many times are you comfortable hearing the phrase “body faucet. I think the answer is right there in the title, fella. Matt and Dave talk summer plans, poetry readings, and upside down cars before jumping into part two of Riki’s very weird, very ancient, and very awesome intro story arc. The guys riff on podcast-familiar branding, outreach, and promotional strategies before getting into episode nine of Carranger! I Don’t Even Know, Man. Why Did You Do This!?

This is the fifth Super Sentai series to be released in North America. Matt and Dave spin mundane straw into five star gold before getting into a weird and unexpectedly carfanger episode of Ohranger. The second half of Kakuranger starts off strong with a very important The Dog of the Gods.


Well, friends, here we are. Download to find out!


The second half of Kakuranger starts off strong with a very important Not gonna lie, friends, this is an odd one. Summer trips are happening and Matt is doing a whole lot of walking.

Producer Mark joins for the opening segment to discuss carrranger exciting new happenings for Super Sentai Brothers and Retrograde Orbit Radio before the guys dive into another wacky episode of Kakuranger.

Watch this week’s episode Gekisou Sentai Carranger – Episode 7. Dave is back and Ohranger is hurtling towards a conclusion!

Plus, some bonus rounds of Monster Royale! Not gonna lie, friends, this is an odd one.

The guys are back from a brief Christmas break to reveal ‘s slogan! Kakuranger is closing in on its mid-season finale, and things are getting Cranked Up, ya’ll.

Wherein Dave’s Dreams are Met and Dashed.

Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction. Matt and Dave discuss the Olympics, weird store signs, and Marvel Two-in-Ones before they take a long, confused look at an episode about an army of robot dolls. Carrangwr these questions and more will be answered in this week’s episode! In this week’s episode, the guys watch the last of Kakuranger and find themselves surprised by the message it brings.


Wherein Carrangerr Experiences a Rude Awakening. It is more or less the holy triumvirate of Sentai programming.

Watch Gekisou Sentai Carranger Episode 24 drama online | DramaCool

In this week’s episode, Dave talks about casting for his upcoming musical, Matt discusses an air show, and the guys celebrate the annual gathering of their college friends before cracking down on an episode filled with snowmen!

In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave get share their thoughts on the new Power Rangers movie before diving into Kakuranger. You can email us at littleidiots. We’re in the home stretch now, friends, only 8 Ohranger episodes remain! Babywatch, Pizza Club, and Dick Hear the harrowing story of one man’s daring heist of a popular fast food chain! Wherein Something Catches on Gekisok. Dave is a Trim Healthy Momma, and pretty sure the whole wolrd is gonna know!

Who is the greatest villain so far in the eyes of the Super Carrangef Brothers? In Which the Coin Lands. Dave is still out of commission, so Matt and Producer Mark jump back on the mics for another episode of Liveman, which continues to be just a very, very good program. The Morphin Grid Hey! Gekisou Sentai Carranger – Episode 5.