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Since Enhou’s death, the Makai Knights and SG1 are now working together, with the latter entrusted to keep the populace safe while the Makai Knights go after Rivera. Ryuga and Aguri go in as workers to try to infiltrate the work force while Takeru and Rian take another route. Overpowering an overweight Horror, Takeru finds the tables are turned when the Horror hears a rock song that increases his power. Lost [ edit ]. Yami o Terasu Mono Promotional poster for Garo: Era Itaru Fujihira Hisako.

However, Rian is forced to flee as her attacks have no effect on Washizu. Nightmare [ edit ]. Feeling that he is unable to take care of Rian, Burai asks fellow Makai Priest Ouma to take Rian to start her Makai Priest training at Kantai despite being too young and after they depart, he sees Ryuga’s training through the magic bowl before he attempts to commit suicide, but it is revealed that Ouma had realized what he would do and returns in time to stop him. Elsewhere, upon finding Aguri bringing in Takeru, Burai reveals to them that Ryuga has been blinded and that the girl he took with him is a Makai Priestess held by Tousei. With Ryuga taking the guitar and singing, he manages to stop the Horrors’ rave as they take their leave. The two proceed to look for the naked woman before running into Aguri as he does not what them to meddle in his hunt prior to being attacked by the naked woman and an identical Horror.

A fearful Tousei attempts to run from Ryuga, but is halted by Rian who personally kills him. Elsewhere, while still watching her from afar as she almost fell from the stand she is using, Takeru reveals himself to Rui and becomes friends with her, even though Aguri warns him so the consequences it may bring.

Dragon Blood Kami no Kiba: The next day, as Aguri and Rian take over the hunt to a concert where a youth named Shin is to perform, they find Ryuga sensing a presence similar to Washizu. Gold wave [ edit ] 2 “Gold wave” Transcription: Elsewhere, managing teradu escape captivity and relying on his other senses to fend off SG1 members, Ryuga takes to the sewers after accidentally hurting a gro during his escape.


Mother [ edit ]. While in the park, Ryuga finds himself being followed by Yasuto Kazami, a former journalist who wants to know about the Horrors. Assuming her Horror form, Rivera battles Garo before running off when he sliced her tongue off for Rin to procure. Views Read Edit View history. However, Zedom manages to remove and seal Ryuga’s Garo armor. Returning to Burai’s home, Rian confinds to Ryuga that she became a Makai Priestess for the wrong reasons.

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After the live recording, Ryuga arrives and destroys the mainframe to ensure the song will not be played again with Shin fine as he hands Washizu’s scale over to the Makai Knight. With Ryuga preventing her from feeding on the child, she reveals that she has only eaten students without any future and when Haruka discovered the truth mno her, she had to eat the girl and her entire family.

The next day, after having a nightmare of being force fed a human soul by a mysterious man and more horrified that it was not a dream, Enhou is confronted by Ryuga as he attempts to convince her that they are both on the same side.

These people who are possessed are not necessarily weak-minded, so Inga Horrors wouldn’t be able to possess them. Upon telling the Horror that he does not need her help, Ryuga dons the Garo armor and slays Boara.

Ryuga [ edit ]. Ao Enhou’s death, the Makai Knights and SG1 are now working together, with the latter entrusted to keep the populace safe while the Makai Knights go after Rivera.

As he reminisces about the events that occurred since he arrived at Vol City, Ryuga arrives at a cliff with a nice view of the city and starts gathering rocks. Following another failed attempt to arrest Ryuga, Enhou is informed by her subordinate and boyfriend Yoshitomi that he reserved a place for them to have dinner together but she turns down the offer.

Trap [ edit ] 12 “Trap” Transcription: In the Makai Priest temple, Rian is being prepared for the ritual that would make her into the new Zedom’s Requiem singer. Luckily, once Ryuga placed the final charms in position as the moonlight with he and Takeru get the monster in position, Aguri becomes Gai the Sky Bow Knight and fires an terawu into the Horror’s mouth to kill it.


Hakana then reveals how she and another priestess named Sari took part in a ritual under the Hill of Zedom’s Arm fifteen years ago in an attempt to restore the Garo armor’s radiance with support from Burai, Sari’s brother Rikyo, and their Makai Knight protector Sonshi. Yami o Terasu Mono Promotional poster for Garo: Garo Project Golden Knight Garo.

Leaving an unconscious Burai behind, the party ignores Zaruba’s warnings and storm Tousei’s office to confront him despite knowing it is a trap. However, with Aguri and Takeru holding back Rivera and her minions, Ryuga manages to stop Enhou from having Rian absorb the terwsu.

Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~

Hyena also reveals that Zedom’s head is buried somewhere in Vol City and the garl that is played by the goddess statues is actually Zedom’s requiem he claims it to have been sung by an opera singer named Sophia who mysteriously disappeared.

Yami o Terasu Mono. By that time, after learning that the Horror travels through epsiode, Ryuga and Takeru are given a rare Madou artifact they are to throw at the Horror. Itaru Era Makoto Yokoyama. Gold wave [ edit ].

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Upon learning that Haruka has been transferred to another school the next day, Hiroki goes to her house and finds it completely empty before discovering that he is being stalked by Ryuga. Luckily, Ryuga arrives before Rivera could eat Rian as she kicks the girl away.

Dragon Blood Kami no Kiba: Dungeon [ edit ] 3 “Dungeon” Transcription: