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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. The climax will have a deep impact on you. Best High School Dramas. As a human drama plus love story, this one could have achieved a movie quality impression if the following conditions were taken into account. We are shown a couple of clues on to how the cover-up is done but it’s subtle. The Snow White Murder Case He was about to kill himself when he was interrupted by friendly new neighbor, in the form of the heroine and her daughter, both cheerful and lovely.

Edit this Page Edit Information. Actually, if one can taste Mr. However, hearing that his genius classmate, Ishigami is the neighbour of the suspect, Yukawa changes his mind. One year after the suicide of C-list model Kisaragi Miki, five of her fans come together for a commemorative meeting; fan club leader Iemoto, Oda Yuji, “Snake”, Yasuo, and “Strawberry Girl” Suspect X 7. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Yougisha X No Kenshin Synopsis The body of a male has been discovered, strangled to death, his face pulverized beyond recognition and fingers burned to a crisp. It’s must watch for all the movie lovers and especially for crime thriller fans. Was the heroine foolish to do what she did in the end despite the sacrifices of the other? Assigned to the case are local precinct detective, Kaoru Utsumi, and her ex” colleague from headquarters, Shunpei Kusanagi. How far would one go for the sake of love?

Yasuko Matsuyuki as Hanaoka Yasuko. The first 10 minutes is supposedly similar to the series as there is a mixture of comedy and science.

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If we ask secularly what is left in her now, we would know that we are all heading to Mr. More lighthearted but really clever how the crimes are committed and then solved. Shibasaki Kou Utsumi Kaoru.


It is decidedly darker than the TV series but no less brilliant in its plot, clever in the ending and made very stylishly. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Galileo TV Series He looked old despite his relatively not that old age and he is unsatisfied both in life, love and especially in his career, not having realized his full potential and to have Yukawa declared him as a genius, it is quite obvious for the reasons for his terrible despair.

He will be up against one of the famous lawyers in Tokyo to solve a car accident which killed a soon to be Episode XX tells the story of female detective Utsumi Kaoru’s final case before she went to Oklahoma for further training.

JY Skacto Super Reviewer. Yukawa finally succeeds in cracking the case only to reveal a sad and shocking truth, that will do no good to all parties, save the police. In murder mysteries or crime suspense genre, there are two types mogie formats usually followed. Last week I visited my year-old grandma who couldn’t remember me.

I Am the Night.

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When love falls, one’s ego will make sure nothing else can sugarcoat it. We know he would have had 2008 brilliant career if not for his mother’s illness which took him away from his work and ended up in a dead end job as an under-appreciated Math teacher in high school.

I wished the director or the screen writer had spent more time on elaborating the yougiwha line and characters. Top Actors Add New Person. What did he do on earth? Many were awed by Ishigami’s “self-sacrifice” and how deep his love actually is.


Or else, you may sigh for him because the wanderer he killed and he are of the same kind, which was spilled out by the society like urine on the society utilized one.

Ishigami is solemn and introverted, and his morning exchanges with Yasuko from whose restaurant he buys lunch, is the brightest part of his day.

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To solve a tough mystery……or to create such a mystery which is hard to solve? Kohei Takuya Kimura returns movi Tokyo and reunites with his former colleagues. There wasn’t any statement made about it, but happened more as a matter-of-fact. They are not conniving and trying to out do each other.

It topped Japan’s box office for four consecutive weeks and was the third-highest grossing Japanese movie in The victim staggers with the knife still in the wound for eight minutes before collapsing under the winged statues of two Kirin on the Again in my peers, I already know several geniuses that are as pessimistic and depressed as Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama as Manabu Yakawa. I really connected with Tsutsumi and Matsuyuki’s characters, and although I didn’t cry while watching this movie, I heard couple of other audience in the theater crying.

Apart from few loose ends in the movie about the characters could be director’s fault or notthis movie fed me with surprises one after another.