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Film’s Visual Reveals January Opening”. Given a tour of the school by Yuki upon waking up, Miki quickly comes to learn about her delusions, including the fact that the existence of Megumi is also one of them. The first episode of the anime was well-received and sparked a ten-fold increase in manga sales. Retrieved July 4, December 12, [20]. I’d also love some background stories for the main girls. You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation.

Even the fillers were good and many scenes were purposeful. Next year the interest for the manga is dead because the anime killed it. We see that you’re using an ad-blocker! When you think of it as an original anime series, everything tastes better than a salty adaptation. An anime television series was announced on June 21, March 11, [20]. Also, I’m pretty sure the hype came from the one arc that they skipped, as well as the Kurumi arc, which they dragged out for too long.

On May,a a subreddit dedicated to the series discussion was created. June 12, [20]. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone!

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If there is a second season probably will watch it but wouldn’t expect it to get significantly gakkok. If Evangelion were Rokka no Yuusha the seventh would be Shinji. A decent anime, but massively, massively overrated by most people IMO. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.


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BBCode Now you’re wondering if there’s white text in any of my other posts. Oand Rie Takahashi. It is learned that Yuki is a delusional school girl, believing that everything is normal and her classmates and teachers are alive and well at first.

This page was redddit edited on 18 Februaryat At least the girls saw him one more dezombified before he died. HorrorSurvival [1].

Don’t have an account? On another note with the cameo of a certain future character at the end hints possibly at a season 2 way down the line.

Retrieved August 20, Uhh by the way, was that Kei we saw at the end when the girls were driving away from school? Going through what should’ve been a normal day of school, Megumi helps Yuki with a make-up test while giving Kurumi some love advice.

August 10, [20].

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December 12, [34]. The dog is fucking cancer, everything felt less impactful compared to the manga, still upset that Mii-kun is a total different person in the animethe zombies were awkward and retarted and I hated the original anime scenes. About Gakkou Gurashi Japanese: Which I am expecting. Not enough material for S2.


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More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Also it looks like Kurumi got better now. One day, Yuki and friends find a hidden safe containing an emergency manual, which reveals the school was involved with a biological weapon and was constructed as a safe house in the event of an outbreak.

It’s not very meaningful if you don’t expound on why you feel the way you do. First enjoyment then sadness then enjoyment again. Retrieved September 24, Gakkou Gurashi Opening MADs refers to a series of remixes featuring the opening theme of the anime series with other sources. Thread cleaned Posts asking for subs removed.

Uploaded by Miki Dong. Similarly, the cheery visuals of Gakkou Gurashi’s official website become more threatening when viewed between midnight and 4: January 12, [20].