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But you know what’s not funny? My God, he’s like some kind of believable Hulk. Later I’ll show you the pictures. So you’re in pain and have a bunch of needles? Could you limbo before? Non-text media are available under their specified licenses.

Yes, and I begged Zoidberg to put me out of my misery. It’s time for you to keep your promise and kill me. Won’t it just make him a double-yeti? By the way, that surgeon– where is he? And all we need is a little spine supplement to replace what Leela lost in that unavoidable saw mix-up. Over my dead body!

Uh, something about poison, got it.

Subdl : Subtitle for futurama sixth season

But Bender can’t go on long car trips anymore, and I say Zoidberg must die. Then you’ll need someone to dissect it, friend. As God is my witness, you can count on me.

Well, if it’ll help Fry But I do need a doctor. I drank swamp water. futrama

You two aren’t up to anything unethical, – are you? I’ll be damned, it did make him a double-yeti. Oh, no, he sand-crabbed out. My body rejected your liver, and now I’ve got Garfield Syndrome. Tarzan Versus the Yetis.


Stop, or I’ll futirama I give you my word as a real doctor. Fry, help me lock him up. Ah, Zoidberg, we’ve known each other so long that sometimes I don’t think we even need words to understand each other.

Quick with a joke, slow to anger. Oh, sure, Leela’s fine, but my jaundice has progressed to Muppet Gangrene!

But sooner or later, it erupts, causing fever, spasms, madness, coma, and finally death. It’ll cost you, John. Wow, he must’ve been a total Zoidberg. Oy, I lost another one.

Yeah, but did you ever play Jenga? I can cure him, but I need the thing, the thing from Triton. I fugurama Zoidberg to kill me. It’s a simple mission. Zoidberg, we know about your secret agreement.

Try it — you can delete it anytime. Then we have no choice. And after I dissect the yeti’s poison glands, we can stop, maybe, for ice cream on the way back?

Or maybe a butler? No, if I’m going to fire anyone, it’ll be Scruffy. This calls for a celebration. It’s not a duffel bag. To install click the Add extension button. Ugh, you said you wanted me to kill you.


Shoot anyone who doesn’t obey hard enough. Oh, no, no, no! What does he have on you?

He knows less about human anatomy than I do. We’re not your friends! What the hell are you doing? Basis of this page is in Wikipedia. It was an awful, incompetent doctor. We’re letting you out so you can kill the Professor.

“Futurama” The Tip of the Zoidberg subtitles English

Commence mercy-killing in three, two, a-yup. Why are you protecting Zoidberg, Fufurama Do you owe him something? Sometimes you pull one and We’re over the drop zone, gentlemen. Kill-check one is go.