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It would have been impossible to do on my own. You changed your shampoo? Thanks for the hard work today. I plan on hearing it in the not so distant future. Do you want me inside you? Nothing like a woman in her 20s crushing on a high schooler in an anime about cycling. Can you tell me?

But still; not just yet. Will have to look out for him more! We should eat together. Are you at your limit? Track 7 — Cupid [0. I want to go on dates every weekend.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Was the light too bright? It felt absolutely amazing. I just love you so much I want to touch you. Do it to me more, like before; use your hands roughly against me.

I wanted to see you. I love you, Senpai! Are you saying this is all my fault? Are you hurt or ill? Will you make us some? So I figured I would himistu slowly but…. Ring the doorbell, okay? Let me hear your voice… [ I want to put it in.

Futari no Himitsu – Vol.3 (R18 Drama CD

Seeing me masturbate as you do the same…does it feel good? Your underwear is cute today, huh. Are you about to cum? I just thought you might catch a cold if you kept on sleeping here. I found this CD to be fun and sexy but I gotta say it was a little boring.


Track 7 – Sunday [0. I love you veeeery much. So I figured I would progress slowly but… [1. I want to hear your voice as you cry out. I was going to carry you to the bed. Track 9 — All day in Bed [0. Let me hear it. We only just made up. The couple are two mature adults who are quite comfortable in just plain having and enjoying sex and sometimes I think we need more of that.

There are so many places to pleasure you.

Please pinch my other nipple as hard as you can-! The Excellent Tease [0. Kind of like Wonderful and his inexplicable love of walks. Not as cute as Genji in volume 3 but still a lovely character and a very loving husband. Will have to look out for him himittsu

And that makes me think I need to try my hardest. You want me without? Give me a strawberry? Must be quite tough thinking up all the different dishes. I lived in my house for 5 years. What the heck is this? Which meal are you gonna go for? I sound so lame but I really wanna put it in. As if I could. Does that feel good to you?


I wanna go for a deluxe cold buckwheat noodles with tempura Tenzaru Soba. Did I wake you up? I love you so much. Call me a fool but I love you after all. When I get back, okay?

Now, are you feeling good? Touching your skin softly and thrusting into you hard, and gently…!

There you go again…are you going to cry?