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I will accept the task. Solving puzzles Arrange jumbled words Answering trivias. In the same manner, agencies and other institutions outside the school should work hand in hand with the school, providing insights and opportunities and support, updating the school with the current trends in the society. They are both important in terms of education. Its helps us to understand the principles and theories of curriculum development that lead us to have more courage to enter in the field of education. Integrating Theory and Practice Directions: Therefore pursuing knowledge and working to improve our skills as an educator are among our highest priorities.

You just have to believe in yourself. Episode 5 Analyze the syllabus in terms of the following: Of course no, considerations to include and it persons, therefore, they needthat kind of environment is not must be stated on the an assistant and that would beconducive to learning. Embeds 0 No embeds. I will accept the task. Instructional Materials Manila papers, board, chalk, LCD Projector, laptop and other textbooks are in use technological equipment that are suited to the students learning. Students learn and retain more information if the material is presented in an environment that is interesting and interactive.

This made the whole process of learning to become fun therefore improving the morale of the students. The pupils are active in most of their subjects.

Fs 4 episode 3. fs 3 episode 4 2019-02-08

These stakeholders must be involved in the curriculum planning in order to have a functioning and useful tool in attaining the success of the society through educating the pupils. Much to the episoed, I admire her attitude towards us who happen to be the observers in her class. No notes for slide. Activity 3 Research in the library and look for a topic about the role of a teacher as a curricularist.

Interview a Activity 2 teacher and inquire how these steps are applied by accomplishing the given chart by giving concrete examples.

FS 4 Exploring the Curriculum

Use of floor cleaning materials. Take note of the different learning environment provided in the lesson plan for specific subject area. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.


Teachers are empowered to develop their own school curricula taking into consideration their own episde, the context of the school and the abilities of the learners.

FS 106 : Exploring The Curriculum

Prof Ansari at Prof Ansari Nice!! Your interview must include a teacher in basic education and in tertiary level.

Explain the delivering the different ways of curriculum assessing the. No notes for slide. Make a matrix of information from the observations made. Now, I will be aware on what are the functions of these features are and what their role are in the learning process. Reflect on how the stakeholders participate in school activities. Successfully reported this slideshow. Content met stated objectives 1 2 3 4 5 7. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. You are able to find pleasure in working.

What changes are mee in the curriculum? They respect the non-teaching personnel as they do to their teacher. As a teacher, you should discuss the lesson fromstep by step, the lesson should be organized.

FS Exploring the Curriculum: Episode 3 “Tell Me”

The CHED said that of the schools, only HEIs were allowed to increase tuition, would increase other fees, and out of schools were allowed to increase both tuition and other school fees. The students were exposed wpisode a situation of listening to recitations only. Purpose of the Portfolio The intent of this portfolio is to provide gs4 share experiences and ideas to those who will undergo the same undertakings. Please indicate your rating of the presentation in the categories below by circling the appropriate number, using a scale of 1 low through 5 high.

Solving Motion Problems using Kinematics. Two heads are better than one. So live to learn and know yourself. Criteria Questions Indicators 1. ,e Study 4 Episode 3.

Whether in preschools or high schools or in private or public schools, teachers provide the tools and the environment for their students to develop into responsible adult. Most of the answers are most teol the advantages of the K curriculum. The activities done by the students are part of the curriculum.


It is important in designing the curriculum because it will serve as trademark ofthe school. It is very important to anchor it with theories in order to have guidelines and the preparation of the whole curriculum. Could I effectively use my head, hearts and hands in helping my students to be better? Sixth, through the use of child-centered design, experience-centered design, humanistic design, learner will engage and experience real setting that they can use for their learnings, where in they will choose various activities that can apply to their own phase of growth and also they can have opportunities to empower to shape their own learning.

Perturbation A extra curriculum or activities may Changes happen within a fairly happen that is why a 2 hours class will be short time. Our most meaningful experience in this episode and mostly in this FS was when we observe a class. D National High teaching in the academe. The traditional curriculum was set in a manner that the students had to memories facts as well as formulas that were never ending. On the other hand, progressive curriculum provides learner the knowledge and epieode as well as the opportunity to exercise or apply these to the rell world or to make something authentic out of these.

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Nevertheless, to whatever curriculum it is, what counts the most is the- quality of learning.