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Vod gets Howard to pose as her boyfriend to get rid of someone she accidentally kissed in the pub, and Oregon’s attempts at cultivating an ‘alternative’ image are dented by the revelation that she has a car. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. JP once again gets jealous and attacks him. Seeking to periodically flee the situation when the team discover her address, she decides to go with Vod. JP, Oregon and Vod decide to take acid, but before the girls can take their tabs JP gets a call saying that his father has had another heart attack and that JP needs to return home. Later, Oregon discovers that the money that was wired to her account actually came from Tony Shales, and she promptly returns the money to him.

Retrieved 12 October He returns home, to find Josie and JP having sex — which a surprised Josie miserably tells Kingsley was because ‘I couldn’t find you’. Retrieved 15 November Overall, the series opener was an encouraging one. While all this is happening, the resigning SU President overhears Vod describing her role in Oregon’s campaign as being like a puppeteer controlling a puppet, and mentions it to Oregon. Josie wakes that same morning to discover she has slept with JP once more, again regretting it. I warmed to this show immediately.

He reveals that he is moving in with a workmate, and leaves the house the next day. The next day, Josie tearfully reveals that Dave has broken up with her, and Vod angrily tells Oregon she knows about the grade change, and tells everyone Oregon’s real name and background. Retrieved 10 November It is not because episoce content isn’t there, it really is well written with some great characters.

Review: Fresh Meat (Series 3, Episode 1)

However, Oregon is frightened when Jean threatens to tell Dylan about her relationship with Tony Shales at her book launch, and Vod lies to Tony Shales about the actual meaning of the late John Frobisher’s “Red Lady,” forcing him to rewrite his book. The only seriws of a new seties becoming a draw is that it has to come back — and, as both Downton Abbey and Homeland have proved of late, it can be hard to meet the expectations of viewers and reviewers.

Shaken, Josie becomes episodee that Kingsley is trying to force her into a long-term commitment, misinterpreting many of his comments or actions as signs of this. The housemates get radical as they participate in a university sit-in organised by Oregon to demonstrate against the forced deportation of a hot Tunisian guy. The new characters could be seen as slightly dull, but when against timeless ones such as Vod, Howard and JP, the room for improvement is extremely minimal.


When Oregon thanks Tony, he attempts to persuade her to have sex with him, but she turns him down, leading to an angry outburst from him. Vod bonds with legendary American poet John Frobisher after she mezt the drinks reception of his lecture, but is horrified when he dies the next day because seties the amount he drank with her.

Josie’s new friends are soon brought in when Kingsley brings up that Josie has been hanging with them and never mentioned it either. Ftesh series closes with Josie nostalgically walking round the now empty and bare 28 Hartnell Avenue as she comes to terms with the fact she will not be with the group in her final year, before setting off, looking noticeably sadder.

Fresh Meat – On Demand – All 4

JP has invited the gang to stay at his mother’s country house in Cornwall for the Spring holidays. Kingsley, however, is nervous about breaking up with Heather if Josie does not want a relationship with him, and is transferring to Southampton. Howard does this by installing cameras around the house and inadvertently records an embarrassing video of Paul, which JP gets hold of. Meanwhile, Kingsley and Josie, wanting to make up lost time, go on a camping trip to Buxton over the weekend.

He then says he has made up his mind about his career ambitions and wishes to become an estate agent. Back at the house JP and Vod keep an extremely close eye on Tomothy.

Vod is still making things up 4ld the housemates after the house was broken into and trashed by the drug dealers she hired as security for Vodstock as they are enjoying their freedom on the morning of results. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Episoe eventually decides to marry him, so that he can find work legally and she can eventually break up with him. This is especially true of Zawe Ashton’s Vod, a student who combines high intelligence with a low sense of risk, engulfing her in sexual, financial and academic embarrassments from which she must escape through her fast, smart mouth.

Brian accosts Howard in the pub and makes a move on Josie, and gets headbutted by Dave after revealing that Josie slept with Kingsley. Howard 30 episodes, Kimberley Nixon By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Fresh Meat

Before leaving the house, JP and Kingsley find out that Howard has always lived in Manchester, and that his family home is not in Scotland, but two streets away — a secret he kept because he felt his parents embarrassed him.


Josie invites Sabine, and frfsh to convince her to support her application.

Fresh Meat Series 3, Episode 1. JP, following one dig too many at his privileged background, accepts Ralph’s offer to join “The Stoweaways” – a dining club of Old Stoics at the University. When Kingsley finds out, Josie offers to have sex with him as a way of making it up to him as she plans to break up with Davemuch to Kingsley’s delight.

Episdoe trick involves reversing the polarities of the characters. And, at the Student Union election, Vod decides to help Oregon win, and proceeds to announce her plans for some increasingly ludicrous policies, but cannot lose her support.

Annie Griffin and Tony Roche. She jumps on the idea, saying she will write a novel set in Laos, where she plans to move. After a disastrous interview, a frightened JP hides from a furious Tomothy. JP once again gets seriee and attacks him.

Has Fresh Meat’s exemplary second series surpassed its first?

Accordingly, Jack Whitehall’s JP — who began life as a pantomime villain of a posh Stowe twat — has become a more sympathetic figure, with plotlines involving a gay friend and the loss of his dad’s ashes exposing the vulnerability beneath the public school bluster.

The mmeat morning, as Howard and JP relax in their new hot tub and Oregon and Vod head off travelling, Josie boards her coach to return to Cardiff, but just as it pulls away, Kingsley rushes through the crowd just in time to see it leave, revealing that he has made his decision.

Pursuing her poetry prize, Oregon finds the disabled rugby team occupying her office, protesting against her decision to slash their funding. The girls are the sweet-natured Josie, streetwise and forthright Vod, and Oregon, who is anxious to appear cool. Just when it seems Josie can’t zeries anymore, she sees a text from Sabine’s ffesh telling her he wants to be left alone and decides to comfort Sabine.

Josie 30 episodes, Charlotte Ritchie When Sam offers Kingsley a spare ticket to a gig, he sees that Josie has been trying to contact him several times that night, but accepts Sam’s invitation anyway.

Kingsley manages to write a song for the sit-in which does not really impress Oregon and Candice; it does, however, attract the attention of Sam, and the two bond over their fesh in similar styles and genres of music.