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A discussion of the moral balance of polite lying leads to the recollection of a transgression the boys perpetrated against a bully in high school. Daphne comes home after a date with her boyfriend Joe, reveals calmly that they have broken up, then bursts into tears. Edit Did You Know? After the session, they all start to wonder who could be the source of Eddie’s depression as they begin to examine their own inevitability. As Frasier and Niles celebrate the break-up, Martin seems happy enough as well despite Daphne’s insistence he is upset. Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 5.

Sherry calls by to drop something off, just before Frasier’s third date arrives. He therefore finds himself with a three-day weekend coming up and a date on each day, and spends some time gloating to Niles and Roz. Fortunately, Maris is out of town until later that day, so the brothers break into her house, only to be trapped by Maris’ new Dobermans. Friends from College Drama, Comedy. Langer, for the good of the other residents. Frasier is about to spend a week in Aspen at a psychiatrists’ convention , and he asks Niles to stand in for him at KACL. To Tell the Truth.

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During a heat wave, Sherry’s constant presence at the apartment gets on Daphne’s nerves.

As a result, the family goes to Boston. Miracle on Third or Fourth Street. It soon transpires that, whilst incredibly friendly and sociable, she hatess loud, boisterous and brash, and to make matters worse, plays the banjo. This causes Martin to cry, which starts off Frasier and eventually Niles who is trying to get people to come to his party but they are all being stolen by Maris who is having one at the same time. Frasier Gotta Have It.

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Playpilot – Episode Daphne Hates Sherry

Frasier Crane, his brazen radio producer Roz, his competitive, high-brow brother Niles, their crotchety father Martin and his quirky live-in nurse Daphne. The Doctor Is Out. Martin, as it turns out, reacts to the break-up extremely well: She explains that this is community service for a speeding offence, and she chose this option rather than visiting a retirement home.

First, Do No Harm. Father of the Bride.

After the session, they all start to wonder who could be the source of Eddie’s depression as they begin to examine their own inevitability. Discussing this very notion with his father leaves Martin very uncomfortable, so Frasier is grateful when he eventually works out what the dream means: As Roz takes Daphne out to comfort her, Niles decides to tell Daphne how he feels about her.

Daphne Hates Sherry

Daphne accidentally destroys Martin’s favourite shoes. Well I’m sure there are other intimacies you miss. As Sherry talks to Frasier’s date, Frasier leaves the apartment with feelings of dread.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Niles is moving into an exclusive new apartment building: Well, actually I still have a longing for Frasier is forced to fill in, and feeling completely out of place and humiliated, he has to try to restore Bulldog to his normal self, and quickly.

Roz, meanwhile, has designs on the doctor administering the injections. Once at the benefit, he makes several unsuccessful attempts to flirt with the women, using an expression that makes him look more like he has eaten something unpleasant.

Kelsey Grammer portrayed the pompous character for a total of 20 years 9 on ‘Cheers’ and another 11 heretying him with James Arness as Matt Dillon on ‘Gunsmoke. Room Full of Heroes.

He is initially reluctant, but then Martin and Daphne start receiving angry notes as well, and Frasier decides it is time to take action. Campbell’s house, Frasier damages a valuable chair; meanwhile, Frederick sustains some injuries while playing with Martin.


Meanwhile, Niles attempts to boost his psychiatry practice by placing an advertisement, which is supposed to read: Rooms with a View. After mulling over the problem with an attentive Eddie and a cognacand then wandering the streets of Seattle late into dahne night, he finally reaches a decision. Niles is hailed as a hero in Seattle, and given Epiaode tickets to the next game, but he soon discovers that it was not his psychiatric expertise that Reggie believes helped him; it dapne his hair.

Frasier evades the question, and while Niles continues to wait for an answer after the meeting, Frasier is plagued by indecision. Shutout in Seattle Part 1. Dark Side of the Moon. Noting that Frasier has not been with a woman for many months, Roz arranges a blind date with her friend Sharon, a former professional golfer.

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Come Lie with Me. When she finds that Sherry has been giving her phone number to strangers to try to set her up, Daphne is furious at this unwelcome intrusion into her life, and the two women are soon engaged in a heated argument. I mean fruit, although sex is good too. A Word to the Wiseguy. Sherry Dempsey Roger Keller Niles is in good spirits; his separation from Maris could soon be over, as he is suggesting marriage guidance counselling.

Frasier feels guilt over the damage he caused, although Niles insists that the man would have been expelled sooner or later. Roz in the Doghouse.