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We make sure your group has trouble free and enjoyable trip. Parliamentary election in Moldova has ended with a win by pro-Kremlin Socialists, which are, however, unable to build a government on their own. February 19 in pictures. Centre Party leads Estonian party rating as e-voting in full swing Estonian parliamentary election is taking place with e-voting, but parties continue to compete for the decisive election day of March 3. If you are interested only in the most important news and analysis, Truelithuania. The new Hanse has revived this tradition. We provide emergency contact and customer service support at every step of the tour for all our groups from our local office.

Discover Lithuania with Visit Lithuania! During the totalitarian Soviet occupation theater became even more popular as its directors dared to subtly criticize the government the ephemeral nature of performances made them harder to censor than other media. The festival websites usually list languages and subtitles of particular flicks. Traditional multiplex cinemas that mostly screen Hollywood production belong to several chains: Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Their repertoire also holds more international appeal than that of drama theaters.

Most female-oriented monthly magazines are catch-all while male-oriented ones tend to have particular topics automobiles, fishing, etc. February 21 in pictures. At the same time, the share of internet news portals vinbis, despite them being notorious for liberal attitudes cijema countless insulting comments under nearly every article some psychologists even claim this became a new Lithuanian way to vent off anger.

The new Hanse has revived this tradition. Some Lithuanian theatre-goers used to proclaim that Lithuanian theater directors are better known abroad than at home.

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Major foreign media reports on key Lithuanian issues but lacking representatives and knowledge in the Baltics they usually base their articles on local media. Every little thing has its right place. February 25 in pictures. Radio is mostly used for music especially while driving by the youth while in other contexts a turned-on-yet-unwatched TV effectively serves as a radio. Every opinion poll indicated that media was the most trusted institution surpassing the church, army, and all the government agencies.


New Year in Latvia! You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The plays are less innovative than some of those at drama theaters and consist of the classics sometimes adorned with modern decorations. Design your own holiday! Moreover, you will be free as you will be independent from hotels and every evening you will be able to spend in any place you wish! Museum staff and history enthusiasts are dressed in medieval costumes, craftsmen and merchants line up in the courtyard alongside defensive wall, cooks prepare food on fire, recapturing an authentic atmosphere of medieval castle.

Your partners in USA: Moldova election observers point to possible vote buying as Socialists win Parliamentary election in Moldova has ended with a win by pro-Kremlin Socialists, which are, however, unable to build a government on their own.

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February 19 in pictures. British Prime Minister has decided to delay a vote in parliament on her Brexit deal from the last days of February until as o;era as March Russian mediaon the other hand, is also enjoyed by some non-Russian people who grew up under the Soviet occupation and speaks Russian at near-native levels. TV has been hit less by internetization.

Your partners cineam Canada: We inform you that cookies may also be used by third parties and our cooperation partners, for example, when you read BNN news in social media. Dance music festival Summerburst Baltic Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania.

Among many popular illegal institutions that developed in Lithuanian-speaking villages were so-called “barn theaters”, which offered amateur-yet-emphatic clandestine Lithuanian performances. Russian and Polish media are more widespread.

In response to the invitation from musician and actor Andrius Mamontovas, professional and amateur musicians flood into the streets, yards, parks and squares of Vilnius as well as the popular hang-around places all over the country. Vatican treasurer found guilty of child sex abuse The third highest figure in Roman Catholic Church, the cardinal of Australia, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse in five charges.


Opera and ballet are more accessible to foreigners.

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Use visitLithuania and its vimgis facilities to plan your next vacation in Lithuania: Later, however, media grew increasingly partisan while several business groups consolidated their control over large numbers of newspapers, TV and radio stations as well as internet portals.

Despite their local success, both Lithuanian TV series and movies have failed to attract global audiences so far. In the corrupt atmosphere of the era, only a fear of publicity could have prompted judges, prosecutors, and politicians to refuse mafia bribes.

The ticket costs are not expensive by western standards. This sentence marks both the quality of Lithuanian theater and the supposed lack of appreciation for it in Lithuania itself. Photos of the week, Word of mouth thus used to be the “media” most people would rely on, in addition to ephemeral illegal press. There is a single opera and ballet theater in Lithuania in Vilnius.

Linas Adomaitis and the Lemon Joy band are set to throw out an unforgettable concert with some new songs in the programme. Discover Lithuania with Visit Lithuania! Forum Cinemas, Atlantis Cinemas, Multikino. LifestyleTheatre and Cinema No Comments. Take a tour and discover Baltics by yourself!

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February 13 in pictures. Veidas conservative, laissez-faire is the longest-running weekly of political insights.

You will be able forumm travel comfortably throughout Baltic Sates in our campers, as passengers really may feel themselves like home and take any necessary stuff with them, even their most loved cup for coffee.