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Shafka azh jin maegaan frakhat khales kishi. Vo mawizzi, vo alegri. Anha vazhak maan firikhnharen hoshora ma mahrazhi aqovi affin mori atihi mae. It’s a good blade for a dothrakaan for a rider but a man in full plate, shori tawakof steel dress Dothraki don’t wear steel dresses. Gargoyles [1×06] – The Thrill of the Hunt. Please login or register. With no return address and no explanation.

Hazak rizh anni mra me: When Drogo comes in to the tent once more to have sex with Daenerys she says: Never heard of a good juicer? But he only got a six-month sentence and we were lucky it wasn’t suspended. I will kill the men in iron suits and tear down their stone houses. Kisha vastoki vos alikh hrazefi ido m’adori shiqethi Let’s speak no more about wooden horses or iron chairs. Sometimes it might have a slightly over articulated feel, some other times a wee bit unnecessarily mumbled, but I think most of that is just in my head or, at least, I wouldn’t know the difference.

A scratch, moon of my life. It’s a blessing from the great stallion.


A chair for a king to sit upon And alligators live in the sewers. Yer et jin zhey maegi. You bet it isn’t.

We are safe here. Next he says a longer sentence that starts with: Asti morea me Khal Drogo asso moon.

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Vo mawizzi, vo alegri. And your father, Jorah the Andal?

Ezi Mirri Maaz Duur. I do command you. It makes me hurt to see you bleed.

I make this gift to you for what you did. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Anha vaddrivak mahrazhis fini ondee khogar shiqethi ma vohharak okrenegwin mori. The khaleesi wants to eat something different tonight.

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I, Drogo, will do this. These women are slaves now to do with as we please. Connect to YouTube No thanks. If you are still in there, if you haven’t gone away, show me. Later Dany and Drogo are in bed talking: The dragon feeds on horse and lamb alike.


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What does this mean? Bring her to me. He was accused of that specific crime and that’s what he was sent to prison for. The final added expression ” Hash tih? I was so totally wrong. Rein in your tongue. I will take my khalasar west to where the world ends and ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before. Khaleesi will give me my prize or I will take forevfr with my arakh.

She is still your Khaleesi. Shekh ma shieraki anni zisa. I can not subtifles to live adrift, knowing that we are destined to die.

Dothraki dialogue from the TV series.