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Sandra Foss Piv Bernth. This final ten-part series begins with the murder of a sailor. Helle Fagralid Niels Reinhardt: However, everything changes when a year old woman, Nanna Birk Larsen, disappears only to be found raped and brutally murdered. Turkey on Dizimax Vice as Forbrydelsen Forbrydelsen II – 6. Sound Frans Bak Music. Australia on SBS One [35]

Morten Suurballe Inspector Ulrik Strange: Lund is now a Chief Inspector but has ambitions for a new lifestyle. Forbrydelsen S01 – Ep16 Tuesday, November 18 -. Helle Fagralid Niels Reinhardt: Greece on Mega Channel as The Killing As a parent she is struggling to repair her relationship with Mark.

Katie Nielsen’s Tips for Cutting. Forbrydelsen S02 – Ep06 Sunday, November 20.

Series 1 Danish poster. CARE both are under the leadership of Marita. Also try our torrent search. This final series of Forbrydelsen explores the global financial crisis as the ostensibly random murder of a sailor leads Sarah Lund through the financial community.

Lund suspects that the murder is not as s01r11 as it seems, despite the forced confession of Dragsholm’s husband. Forbrydelsen S01 – Ep11 Thursday, November 13. Archived from forbrydellsen original on 22 November To download all our subtitles, click on 1.

Watch the latest anime episodes with English subtitles fresh from Japan online and free. Each series follows a murder case day-by-day. It was first broadcast on the Danish national television channel DR1 on 7 Januaryand has since been transmitted in many other countries worldwide.


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Sarah Lund’s investigation turns to the financial and governmental communities during the global financial crisis. Lund is now a Chief Inspector but has ambitions for a new lifestyle.

Estonia on ETV as Kuritegu Forbrydelsen II – 4. Welcome to the Grand Pet Hotel, the perfect pet boarding solution. Slovenia on TV3 Medias as Investigation [40]. Chief Inspector Sarah Lund: Olaf Johannessen Kristoffer “Stoffer” Kamper: Forbrydelsen II – 3. Italy on RAI4 as Killing Vicky Frost of The Guardian noted how it was The Killing which “paved the way for a wave of subtitled European crime dramas” appearing on UK television, while head of programming at FX Toby Etheridge also confirmed his belief that ” The Killing proved it was possible [to successfully show subtitled drama]”.

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Bent Mejding Rie Skovgaard: Download latest torrents or join our upload community. Over a span of 20 days suspect upon suspect is sought out as violence and political pressures cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.

English subtitles for TV show The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

Producer Piv Bernth described the broad appeal of the onlibe as “groundbreaking”, and explained what she believed to be the root of its popularity:. S01w11 premiered on 3 April [1] and ran for two seasons before being cancelled on 27 July Sarah heads the investigation and is teamed up with her replacement, Detective Inspector Jan Meyer.


Dragsholm was found murdered at the memorial for executed members of the Danish resistance in Ryvangen Memorial Park, tied to a replica of an execution post used by the firing squads of the German occupying power. As a result, she began “acting like a man” until the character took shape.

You must accept our Terms Of Service before continuing. Morten Suurballe Forbrydelseb Borch: Norway on NRK1 as Forbrytelsen [32] This article uses material from the Wiki pedia page available here.

AMC, who had originally cancelled the show, was also included in part of the deal. Austria on ORF Following both its critical and ratings success in the United Kingdom, the BBC began importing and broadcasting more subtitled programmes from a number fobrrydelsen different countries.

Serbia on RTS1 as Ubistvo Novelizations of each series have been published by Macmillan. Jersey City, New Jersey.