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Peirce saw Darwinism as just one example of Tychism at work. For Dashiell Hammett and his peers in the world of pulps, fifteen short stories was getting your foot in the door. Like The Treasure of the Sierra Madre , its title alone is a signifier: The beam represents the face of death, but the miracles are the face of God. Find Alan on Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Feel free to agree or disagree with us, or just chime in with moral support. What disturbed him was the discovery that in sensibly ordering his affairs he had got out of step, and not in step, with life.

Even Brigid O’Shaughnessy is caught off guard by the story and by Spade’s sudden openness. The Flitcraft Parable, as it has been called, really has nothing to do with the falcon or the dame or the dead partner, which is why it calls so much attention to itself in Hammett’s economical book. There must be more to his story, but Flitcraft is not mentioned again in the novel. I won’t quote the whole thing here–it’s about words–but you can read the entirety of it online here. Contact Wendi Join Wendi’s mailing list. In his book, Layman writes that Flitcraft is “the most critically discussed part of any Hammett work. In fact, he does tell that to her elsewhere in the book.

After all, what has really changed for Flitcraft?

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For Dashiell Hammett and his peers in the world of pulps, fifteen short stories valcon getting your foot in the door. Spade is epiisode to himself. He’s seeing what’s going on, unflinchingly. The people he knew were like that.


Nice work with this analysis! Spokane Valley Library, E. But instead of returning to the office he just walks away, finally returning to the Pacific Northwest years later when he takes a job in Spokane, Washington under the name Charles Pierce.

We’ve had such a great discussion about this here, it makes me think that a number of essays about MF could be written and collected in a book. I really enjoyed your explanation of its importance to Spade as a flitceaft, and loved the observation about his namesake, a suit of cards and a shady one, at that.

Visitors are often shocked to find such a thriving city here, and lifers are surprised when anyone new comes to town. When he could see his life without them, it was just a few more steps to actualize that belief.

What IF the Falcon had been real?

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He had been maltees that way. Flitraft drifted until he wound up in Spokane, a four-hour drive from his family, and settled into a situation indiscernible from his original: And frankly, it just feels like people are hiding here. North Spokane Library, 44 E. The parable itself is curious enough, with its hat-tip to the pragmatist philosopher Charles Peirce, its fascination with the ruthless lack of moral values in a man whose life is otherwise respectable and mundane.

Sam is saying that the meaning of life often escapes most people until something forces them to look at it the beam. Going to luch he passed an office-building that was being put up – just the skeleton.


Charles Flitcraft Dashiell Hammett. He didn’t even try, he didn’t care personally.

Sam Spade is a master of observation. Brigid isn’t smart enough to pick up on the warning. It was Flitcraft all right. What precipitated his flight?

They did their reading for entertainment, not enlightenment. He said he knew before he had gone twenty feet from the fallen beam that he would never know peace until he had adjusted himself to this new glimpse of life. A beam from a building site falls on the pavement near to him and he is lucky to escape with his life. Maltesse coroner ruled his death a suicide.

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In the story, Spade explains how Flitcraft, a real estate agent and family man living in Tacoma goes to lunch one day never to return. Everyone else is wrapped in their roles. Flitcraft is so rattled by his near-death experience that he never comes home from lunch that day.

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I continue to be fascinated by the Flitcraft Parable years after writing this post. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It seemed reasonable enough to him.