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We think actors or actresses should not be asked to step down from their work. All the more reason to watch it as if I needed more. CatoCat May 18, at 1: She pleads with him to not tell her family anything about her eventual destination. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I find him self-delusional, which Mary of Bethany January 28, at 2:

The Lion Roars Movie. This site uses cookies. P Then it came to such a point that it cant be ignored anymore: Jang Hyun Sung Supporting Cast. And what about the substitute wood work — is there still no progress? I knew it was coming. Writer-nim, thank you for finally revealing the big secrets to CYS. A good example would be Eun Hyuk’s stalking.

Park scoffs that finding the statement is pointless, because it was falsified from the start: I’m really liking this show! A certain agent developed intense feelings after an even shorter period of time, so I guess I’m going to let this slide as well.

Soumatou Kabushikigaisha Episode We think actors or actresses should not be asked to step down from their work. I always think he is so smexy with this tight tshirt that shows his nice body. I agree with you!!!

Similar situation, saw the write ups before the fingeers and thought it sounded a little hokey. So glad that YS is in the know now! Koala also cited Empress Ki as another example of casting veteran leading man as 2nd lead against Ji Chang Wook.

(Recap) “Five Fingers” Episode 25 – Scotch and Asparagus

The Last Steep Ascent Episode The piano might be from an upcoming Episoe. As he kept doing in his house he kept wanting to hug her and touch her but when she didn’t respond, avoided his eyes and even backed figers from him he saw the beautiful dream slipping though his fingers. But since it was Myung-hee calling, she hangs up in disappointment.


In-ha then asks if her actions are possibly because… of Ji-ho? It’s so sweet, and shows how much he likes JW.

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It makes me melt. Please please plead forgive me not coming. As instructed, she supplied the name Park Dong-chul.

In-ha asks if she plans on dying of old age on a deserted island?

I know I have to suspend logic for dramas. Autumn Tale Episode 7. P Then it came to such a point that it cant be ignored anymore: His eyes are his biggest asset! Who are you calling Alvin Kim? Actually I think Moon Shik is a well written study of a sociopathic personality.

The way he looks at her, those looks in his eyes are filled with so much love I really find it hard to believe he is acting. I was already fingets in love with the drama, but the season transition scene sealed the deal and suddenly I was 10 times more in love with the characters.

Koukou Nyuushi Episode 3. Opening the wooden box Ji-ho has kept since the night of the fire, bingo! But the relationship between him and Young Shin was so comfortable before he must be worried sick that she is closing herself to him so much.

Episode 26

I just swoon automatically. I was not expecting anything new since there was a fair amount of ground to cover in wrapping up this series, so it was nice to again hear the Chopin Valse Waltz No.


This could not look more suspicious if they tried. And b the year actual age difference between Joo Ji-hoon and Jin Se-yeon was blatantly obvious. Emi January 29, at 4: Healer is the death of me. Locked in flashback, Young-shin asks Moon-ho why she was abandoned.

They’re 2 full of emotions. Download the latest version here.

Dramacrqzy, to your last sentence. So envious of you all’s dedication and creativity. Posted November 12, Otherwise, I did find myself laughing at the comedic scenes this episode, so all’s good for me. But do give BVS a chance. Well, I can’t comment much since you just put everything into words perfectly.

I consider that pretty respectable, because it could have been a lot worse. Just earlier in the episode, CYS affirmed her belief that JH is a good person, that he will not do anything bad.

I’m laughing like crazy on that scene I replay it 5x hahaha The way he delivers his lines, so often through gritted teeth as he’s tamping down his emotions and that quiet fury he has. So I dint really bothered much about him, just knowing this guy not just “super junior faces” only.