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Meanwhile, Shane is trying to get Bonnie to get over her guilt via hypnosis, which at first appears not to work when he tries to get her to light a single candle, but when Bonnie opens her eyes she sees she lit every candle in the room. Bonnie and Jeremy try to figure out the message of the Hunter’s mark, while Shane reveals more of the legend of Silas and the witch Qetsiyah, along with his own personal history. When Caroline’s plans for the perfect Senior Prom night are disrupted by Elena, she turns to an amused Klaus for a solution. Community Facebook and Twitter Giveways Win stuff! She traps an enraged Klaus in the Gilbert living room. Matt gives Rebekah some unsolicited advice on her life choices, and she tries to help him in return. Retrieved April 20, Back in Mystic Falls April discovers the truth about vampires and un-daggers Rebekah while Klaus gets revenge on Tyler by killing Carol.

When the s decade dance is cancelled Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to Rebekah. After stealing her away from the brothers, he explains that due to killing the original five hunters, he experienced the same thing and there is no cure. Then Bonnie bravely gives her own life to bring Jeremy back but ensures she’ll be fine with her Grams, and the Spirits of Witches. The episode ends with Elena completing the transition and Pastor Young killing himself and the remaining council members by blowing up his house. When Bonnie tells everyone about her plans, they all tell her it’s a terrible idea. Caroline goes on her date with Klaus and seems to have fun. If you require any help with SpoilerTV, please don’t hesitate to contact us but please check the links below to see if they will help you first. Damon corners Jeremy, who shoots him in the head, giving Jeremy a head start.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Katherine distracts Rebekah by tossing the cure into the air and making a run for it. When a stunning new piece of information about the cure is suddenly revealed there’s only enough for one personit changes the stakes for everyone. Both are tricked and locked into the library with Elena, although Rebekah allows April to leave. Retrieved April 1, In Shane’s study, Rebekah tortures the man, only for him to spit out his tongue and kill himself. Caroline tries to reach Tyler but tge unsuccessful.


They find out that the last massacre has to be involved with witches. Then Bonnie bravely gives her own life to bring Jeremy back but ensures she’ll be fine with her Grams, and the Spirits of Witches. Rebekah visits Stefan, telling him she has a plan; to steal Silas’ headstone, seaxon Shane to join forces with them. Matt allows Elena, who is losing dlaries because of the blood, to feed on him inconspicuously.

Rebekah says they had fun, but they didn’t care; so Rebekah tells him to stop caring. Stefan learns the “Ultimate Weapon” of The Five is a possible cure for vampirism, and tricks Rebekah into revealing she buried Alexander with his sword.

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So Damon runs away and confesses that he felt vampie after and still does. They realize the vampires will return and Damon says Jeremy finishing the seson will be necessary. Rebekah goes to see Matt and they decide to go on a summer road trip together to see the world. At the end of the episode it is revealed that Connor and Shane are working together.

Afterwards, Shane tells Bonnie’s father that she could be the most powerful witch on earth, or a time bomb.

Someone has been attacking patients at the hospital. Kol attempts to rip Jeremy’s arm off but gets fillmovin a fight with Damon. She then feeds Jeremy to a starved Silas and runs off with the cure. At the end of the episode, April stays behind at Rebekah’s, who is also recovering from the werewolf venom, to help clean up and befriends her.

Jamie Coudeville aka BelleBlack 18 years old from Belgium. Damon insists she feeds on human blood as soon as possible while Stefan insists they try to find another way to keep Elena alive.

Retrieved May 16, Meanwhile, at Hayley’s urging, Tyler confronts one of Klaus’s hybrids, Kimberly, and the situation quickly escalates into violence when the hybrids start fighting over who takes the pack-leader role.

Vampiree episode ends with Elena writing in her diary, saying she lost herself. Klaus reveals an encounter with a group of vampire hunters – flashing back to 12th century Italy.


Vampire Diaries Season 4: Retrieved March 15, Silas crashes the party disguising himself as one of them but Bonnie manages to shut him out and later sees what she thinks is his real face. Archived from the original on Tthe 14, She drops her daylight ring into the water. The episode ends with Rebekah and Matt being confronted by Alexander, Connor and Vaughn and Bonnie waking up to see herself dead on the ground.

TV by the Numbers. Retrieved January 19, Jeremy manages to escape but Kol compels Damon to kill Jeremy.

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Connor takes Jeremy, Matt and April hostage. Stefan, Caroline and Klaus try to stop it but when Caroline sees the twelve witches are trying to kill Bonnie, she kills them to save her friend and unintentionally helps get Silas one step closer to bringing down the dairies side. Elena and Rebekah steal Damon’s car and search for Katherine.

Meanwhile, Rebekah decides to throw an anti-curfew party at her house, and Elena and Stefan decide to attend. Popular TV shows on Prime Video.

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Bonnie reaffirms her promise to help Silas open the veil to purgatory, and Caroline has to inject some of her blood into her mother to bring her back to life.

Matt gives Rebekah some unsolicited advice on her life choices, and she tries to help him in return. He is, of course, wearing the ring that protects him from being killed by supernatural beings, and recovers in the presence of Rebekah.

The fight is interrupted by the hybrids, who kidnap Caroline to get Tyler to give up his alpha-role. Elena then tells Damon that she loves him and in death he is the only one who makes her feel alive.

Bonnie wakes up and her memory after the cave is gone.