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Portugal and Her Leader. When Portugal departed from its overseas empire in , the descendants, in effect, of Prince Henry the Navigator were leaving the West’s oldest empire. Readers will note that publishers’ names are omitted from some Portuguese citations as well as from a number of French works. Portuguese in South-East Africa , The Handbook of Portuguese Studies. Britain and the Portuguese Connection ,

A Ditadura Militar , Geographical location is one key to the long history of Portugal’s three overseas empires, which stretched once from Morocco to the Moluccas and from lonely Sagres at Cape St. King of the Wild Frontier Davy Crockett, rey de la frontera. Do 25 Aos Nossos Dias. A Life of the Marquis of Pombal , Workers’ Control in Rural Portugal. Brothers in the Saddle.

La Dictature Militaire au Portugal. Os Portugueses em Africa2 vols.

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Volume I LandLate Marriageand Inheritance Growth and Change Preceding the Revolution. O Cinema Portugues antes do Sonoro.

Trends towards Corporatist Intermediation.

Lord Byron’s Iberian Pilgrimage. Translation Center, Columbia University, University of Wisconsin Press, Hurst and Blackett, Portugal was a world power during the periodthe era of the Discoveries, expansion, and early empire, and since then the Portuguese have experienced periods of decline, decadence, and rejuvenation.


My Crusade for Portugal. The Making of an Enterprise: Portugal Ten Years after the Revolution: Other distinctions may be noted.

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Instituto de Historia de Arte, Ancient CountryYoung Democracy. Although Portugal is sometimes confused with Spain or things Spanish, its very national independence and national culture depend on being different from Spain and Spaniards. The respective dates of these historical crises are: The Politicization vjseu the Portuguese Armed Forces.

Yale University Press, Velho BrasilNovas Africas: Manifiesta una marcada predileccion por las historias melodramaticas y musicales. A History of Spain and Portugal.

British Historical Society of Portugal, Trent University; Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Small Powers in Alignment Italywith Sketches of Spain and Portugal. Eine Kulnarische Reise firum Garten Europas. Dilemmas of Democratic Consolidation Nevertheless, a recurring theme of the nation’s history is cycles of anxiety and despair that its freedom as a nation is at risk.

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The City and the Mountains. Four Plays of Gil Vicente: The Fatal History of Portuguese Ceylon: Cambridge University Forhm, There are several reasons for this.


The Quest for Eastern Christians: Community Organizations in the Portuguese Revolution. Muslim Spain and Portugal: The Portuguese Armed Forces and the Revolution. Columbia University Press, ed.

Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azores Islands. Centres and Peripheries ,