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The fame he gained from the book catapulted him straight to the Throne of Heroes upon death. What I was trying to go for with the whole copying skills, was how he actually went into European countries to learn how to build ships himself, thus mimicking the skills. Often chopping the victim with his axe until they are near unrecognizable, then finally killing them. Without his vast arsenal he would be a bit below average. A truly pitiful existence. I know he’s combat oriented but the caster class is fundamentally squishy. However this Noble Phantasm cannot be used to deal decisively fatal wounds, and can only be used for wounding blows not meant to kill.

It was during the parties given for the aristocrats that he discovered developed his main talent: She gave the paladin eternal youth and put a flower crown on his head which took away his memories, finding his happiness with his love. In such a society a story about how it was a woman who descended from the Divine Spirits, a woman who brought the knowledge of culture to humanity would not do. Society shifted from a matriarchal creator-worship where the miraculous birthing powers of the womb were celebrated to a patriarchal society where men claimed the power of the Divine and women were merely there to assist them, to serve them. This is a crystallization of how executioners would where hoods to conceal their true identity so that they might remain anonymous due to being an executioner was looked down upon by most, and sometimes families might try to get revenge on the executioner. Hunter’s Mark B – A skill that measures one’s ability to track and pursue. Yeah Peter really isn’t my best sheet.

In his final moments he is freed from his emotionless state and is left regretting over what he’s done and what he’s become as sad music plays in the backround. Love the idea behind Angel On My Shoulder.

Crying – Much Swag. Even those of his own religion will most likely become disgusted at what he has become, especially those that knew what he was like during his life.


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The curses of mankind continuously leak from the scabbard, a thick, evil mud that sears and burns, and it writhes around Saber in a nest of violent, agitated tendrils that are constantly shifting and alive. Rider- Charon, the Ferryman of Hades http: In other words, a person can do whatever they want, so long as they think they it is possible.

Often chopping the victim with his axe until they are near unrecognizable, then finally killing them. Towards animals he is more ambivalent and holds a special distaste for birds.

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Assassin has earned this skill through his sadistic killings during his executions. The mythical first woman, such that all women who followed would inherit her Ideal form, carrying down the deceptions and the misery and the wicked curiosity possessed by their miserable ancestor. He was too clever by half, having deciphered natural phenomena and klknting divine methods and successfully replicated them, developing a Thaumaturgical Foundation that allowed him to cast fire-elemental cilm.

His weapon is a sword that hangs at his side.

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Archer can only use this Noble Phantasm three times, once for each arrow. Tak kuasa menahan beban, Pembayun akhirnya berterus terang terhadap Ki Mangir dan minta ampun sambil menyerahkan diri.

Without his vast arsenal he would be a bit below average. When in the presence of this Servant, others find themselves under enchantment that tries to make them do his bidding, based on contested Magic Checks. His greatest mistake has been burned into his psyche and haunted him for the rest of his days.

She fell in love with her predecessor and fil he perished, she took on his name. Upon saying this he disappeared before Basil’s very own eyes.

Hardcore flower girl or “cool and edgy” with a connection to one if my older servants? Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from yombak higher existence.


I could probably modify it to pass on skills far quicker and to larger numbers of people than WotG though. Innocent Monster The name of the monster that had his past and way of being distorted because of the image that was born from his behavior in the previous life.

I am afraid you must cease your problematic prattle and look to the windows. The message just got lost somewhere because I’m terrible at getting my meaning across.

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Magic Resistance equivalent in tlmbak to an amulet that rejects magical energy. I can’t really see anyway to improve him while actually keeping the concept the same, sorry.

I’m not sure what you’re saying? Rejoice, for your people have been saved by my bow and the will of God! As a result of klintng, his close friend Mina Harker was trapped as a Vampire for the rest of her unnatural life.

This sheet was literally the bane of my existence, I should have just made him a Rider. I got the idea for Abraham like this after watching Helsing Ultimate. That or Archer, but I can’t see her wanting to stay back and shoot things full of arrows instead of charging in mano-a-mano or whatever the female counterpart of that would be: Lancer was often baruu executing those who dared to stray from the righteous path he set them on with his signature halberd.

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit C – A wandering star that does not have the capacity to be king nor is capable of finding her own king.

It is only the absoluteness of one’s body and soul, which is born from faith. Wanked yes, but deliciously so.