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Here we have a reasonably frank and certainly sympathetic portrayal of a young girl who’s been taken advantage of [and knocked up] by her older boyfriend, and who faces the prospect of having a child out of wedlock in a rural village. Walid Satay ends up with a bowl of noodles on his head, and Mat Sentul gets a bucket of satay sauce all over his face. Back in the ‘s “Pontianak” series was very popular in Malaysia. I figure this review is the only way many of my readers will ever experience this movie; I worked hard to try to understand what was going on in the film, so that any non-Malay speakers like myself who did want to track it down might have an easier time with it. She’s angry at Amran’s attachment to the little girl, all the more so because the two have no children of their own. There are those who disagree with me on this point, insisting that the resurgence of Malay horror is probably a bad thing for free expression in the country.

Comel’s young boyfriend is understandably put out by the speculation, especially when the girl’s own adopted father begins wondering if Halimah might not be right. As an interlude, we get to see something of the rivalry between Ali the village satay vendor Walid Satay, as usual , and his rival, the local noodle-seller played by the popular comedian Mat Sentul. But once Halimah has put Rohani on the boat, she pulls out the drain plug and pushes the boat into the middle of the river. No, really; eight years pass. The two food-sellers come up with an idea of their own: At any rate, she realizes that Rohani considers herself mutually attached to Amran, and that’s enough to make Halimah sick with jealousy.

It’s actually a little shocking to see her flirting with Amran so soon after she’s murdered her sister. She doesn’t seem to notice that Amran’s conversation always tends to turn to Halimah’s even prettier younger sister, Rohani. So what am I wibbling about? Made by the same director and many of the same actors and crew that had made the original Pontianak series, this film feels very much like a realist re-interpretation of the story of the original trilogy.

When the comic relief food vendors stop by to inquire what all the shouting is about, Halimah’s aunt? She even has the nerve to take him for a picnic up to Gua Musang, just as Amran had taken her sister.

Halimah isn’t about to let a few bad dreams distract her from winning her man. And here’s why I’ve gone into so much detail about the state of contemporary horror in Malaysia: Halimah continues to be plagued by nightmares in tua Rohani changes into a horrible monster and chases her; and as a result, she goes a kusang unhinged.


As the video progresses, the underpaid, overworked cast and crew receive word that the studio is going bankrupt Halimah comes to her while the old woman is out in the jungle apparently gathering herbs for her, or something But she’s got with her a doll she did not have when she left. The Eternal Evils of Asia. As the movie starts, a young boy runs into town with the news that a tiger harimau has been seen in gja area.

This gives the two practical jokers an idea, though. The only disappointment I felt after watching it for the first time was that the jump-scare of the pre-credits introduction was completely out of synch with the tone of the movie itself.

Ignore the monsters on the VCD cover: Gus censors also fail to understand that “moral uplift” can be derived from tragedy.

The now visibly-aged Amran has the bizarre experience of seeing Comel sitting by a familiar pond, flirting with a suitor of her own. After all, in both a foundling named Comel grows up to be accused of vampirism.

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Of all the people in the village, Comel should be the happiest. She’s composed and confident, and quite a bit unlike the spoiled little girl who left that morning. We also see in her the terrible toll her conscience takes on her after years of nightmares, as the lines of her face harden and her eyes dart back and pontainak with suspicion. Out of the cave steps the old woodcutter, with Comel on his arm.

The man who plays Amran does a fine job of showing his character’s transformation from a feckless young man to the prematurely aged, terribly unhappy “Pak Cik Amran”. Halimah bats her long eyelashes at him while feeding him food she cooked herself.

Behind her comes Amran, his shirt undone, his headscarf missing. Amran’s housekeeper whose name I never caught takes the pair out on the river, all the while singing a song about how pleasant it is to go out on a little boat like theirs. When the woodcutter hears the sound of a baby’s screams, he rushes for the riverbank Back in the ‘s “Pontianak” series was very popular in Malaysia.

Comel, now a teenager, is so much like Rohani that you might almost think they were played by the same actress.

As Mat wends his way home through the jungle that night, he gets an idea for a trick to play on his rival.

Time passes in the village. Back at the village, Amran becomes very upset over Rohani’s sudden disappearance. Nobody is more surprised than the Chinese exorcist when out of the undergrowth steps Comel’s young boyfriend is understandably put out by the speculation, especially when the girl’s own adopted father begins wondering if Halimah might not be right.


I know from bitter experience that if I do something badly enough, my attempt could inspire someone who really does know what he or pontisnak is doing to step in and clean up my mess. Such critics know more about the cultural situation in Malaysia than I ever will. Halimah is clearly smitten with the handsome Amran, and flattered by his attention to her.

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He also reveals how he’d found the baby’s mother dying in the woods. Plus, they’ve managed to internalize the vocabulary of French-style pseudo-political film criticism in ways that my gag reflex will never permit — and that can’t have been easy.

More time passes, and eventually Rohani goes into labor. When Walid Satay comes by with his cooking implements, Mat tricks him into making him a special order of satay. Since this film is unavailable on video with English subtitles, I’ve had to rely on guesswork and a few on-line dictionaries to figure out what’s going on. Together, the three men sing a short but catchy song, warning the audience not to listen to ghost stories, because those things only encourage the ghosts to come and haunt you.

The old Mandarin waves his incense and chants over bowls of food offerings, while villagers in tiger suits do ferocious dances. For a hint, see the screen shot at the top of this page. Could she be some sort of wandering spirit? Collapsing behind a patch of trees, she gives birth to her baby and expires. And certainly, the situation is far too complex for a neophyte like me to hope to understand. But once Halimah has put Rohani on the boat, she pulls out the drain plug and pushes the boat into the middle of the river.

Pontianak Gua Musang

What the hell is the Oily Man doing here? All she wants is a light for her fire By the mid’s, Malaysia had become a much different country than it had been at the time of independence.

They name her Comel pronounced “Chomel” — “the cute one”, which by an amazing coincidence is the name of the original pontianak from the Maria Menado series of the ‘s.

Not to worry, though: