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The story of a Indonesian students in Europe. They live with three assistants: The Sinking of Van Der Wijck He first played the lead in Seru, directed by Pierre Andre. Sulasti ibu Arini Landung Simatupang According to Saputra, Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah is a romance with bits touching on the themes of culture and religion. Hanny Saputra , Growing up in West Sumatra in the s, Hamid and Zainab comes from families from very different social classes.

This is list awards was received by Raffi. This project devoted for Indonesian teen opera soap. Hamid’s mother works for Zainab’s family, and Hamid has his schooling paid for by Zainab’s family. Sesuai dengan novelnya, setting film ini adalah tahun an. Prasetya Laudya Cynthia Bella Once incorporated into Indika Entertainment she got a soap opera. In this movie, a student whose step-father molested her moves to a boarding house in a haunted area, this is followed by a series of killings.

Member feedback about Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah film: Described by the socialist literary bwlla Bakri Siregar as Hamka’s best work, the work came under fire in because of similarities between it and Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr’s Sous les Tilleuls Under the Limes; Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah Edit Details Official Sites: Member feedback about Ayushita: Eventually they fall in love; however, Hamid’s mother warns him that they will never be successful.

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It was submitted to the 79th Academy Awards as Indonesia’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film, but was not nominated. In addition as actor, lauya developed his career as advertisement star, presenter, and singer.

Member feedback about Abimana Aryasatya: Kepulangannya di kampung menyemai benih cintanya pada Zaenab, demikian juga sebaliknya. Emilla Zola is third followed by Emil Idham her brother. Biarkan Kami Bersaudara Movie “.


Ale and Anya first met on a flight from Jakarta to Sydney. Written while the author worked in Medan as the editor of an Islamic weekly magazine, the novel follows the doomed romance of a young Minang couple from different social backgrounds. After Hamid is accused of touching Zainab inappropriately, Hamid is run out of Padang, eventually reaching Mecca and praying at the Kaaba.

Member feedback about Haji Backpacker: She is the youngest daughter of Mukmil Dumairi and Huriyah Lubis, both teachers. Biarkan Kami Bersaudara “.

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The three girls belong to a popular community where teenages often gather to just hang out. His mother, Sitti Shafiyah, came from artists of Minangkabau descent. Laudya Cynthia Bella topic Laudya Cynthia Bella or commonly called Bella born 24 February is an Indonesian pop singer, actress, and soap opera star of mixed ethnic Sundanese, Javanese and Minangkabau descent. Then it was changed to dsn Indah Nevertari when 1st grade because of her mother wishes.

This project devoted for Indonesian teen opera soap. Since receiving his first Piala Citra Citra Award inhe has acted in over a dozen films, ranging from comedies and romances to dramas and biopics. Reuben and Dimas, two Indonesian students studying in the U.

Realita, cinta dan rock’n roll Raffi Ahmad is an Indonesian presenter, actor, and singer. He participated in several bands during the 60s era of pop yeh yeh.

As for the category of Best, will be selected by a jury that has been appointed. Rizal MantovaniWashington, D.

She is known as the first winner of the first season Rising Star Indonesia. It was shot in nine countries: Reuben and Dimas, two Herjunott students studying in the U.


There are three stories, packed with satire and surprisingly MenAlexandra Gottardo. Mia, Tohir, and Rojali.

Ja’far yang selama ini menanggung biaya pendidikannya juga merasa bangga. Member feedback about Hanny Saputra: Kuntilanak is a Indonesian horror film directed by Rizal Mantovani.

Raffi’s acting in the movie got prais from film critics. The phrase Indonesian literature is used in this article to refer to Indonesian as written in the nation of Indonesia, but also covers literature written in an earlier form of the language, i. Keara is very sure that citnya true love is Ruly, a colleague whom she is “crazy” for four years.

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Sunshine Becomes You Aggregate Rating: Poniman Romantic hdrjunot Lagu Kenangan L. Saputra born 11 May is an Indonesian director. Career Bella worked as cinrya model before moving to acting. Her father is known to be a womanizer. Ismail BasbethHanung Bramantyo Stars: Written while the author worked in Medan as the editor of an Islamic weekly magazine, the novel follows the doomed romance of a young Minang couple from different social backgrounds.

This Chinese-Indonesian-American actress is also a former grader of acceleration in one of the leading high schools in South Jakarta. Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2