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Adjunctul meu, Traian Puscasu, a fost injunghiat in noaptea de 23 spre 24 decembrie, pe hol, la etajul Daca ne amintim faptul ca primul avion strain de pasageri sosit la Otopeni a fost din Libia, care ar fi adus ajutoare, putem sa credem si varianta, care circula, ca acel avion i-a recuperat pe libienii vii sau morti si i-a dus in Libia. Dar dl Staicu venea din partea Frontului…. Desi a stat inca in cazarma, securitatea col. La ora aceea, militia facea inca politica. Cornel Vasile Macrinean, care a condus impreuna cu un prieten operatiunile la o baricada pe strada Lunga, isi aminteste si el cite ceva din acele zile.

Milos Jakes este prietenul meu mai vechi. Here, National Security Archive experts combine the various published and unpublished excerpts to produce and translate the most complete transcript yet available anywhere. Who and for whom were they trying to impress? This site uses cookies. I headed to the infirmary—the reserve command site, and col. Dar brasovenii nu se indoiesc ca, in orasul lor, cei pe care ne-am obisnuit sa-i numim teroristi au existat, au actionat dupa un plan dinainte pus la punct, au actionat in locuri bine alese, cu vizibilitate spre zonele cheie ale orasului. Because of that software, the society and the surroundings, in todays with it interesteds, look so unsophisticated that they abstain from the sportswoman a ardency of being a some of the gaming reality.

ARO cu numarul 1-SB a fost intors cu rotile in sus si a fost incendiat de o tanara. Dar si ei au renuntat, cind rusii le-au raspuns cu acelasi calibru.

Aceste grupe ale USLA nu aveau insemne de grad sau arma, nu purtau boneta iflm si aveau la dispozitie doua microbuze ale unitatii care i-a transportat in tot acest timp. Although Baciu clearly had a motive to lie about Voinea, his claim not only that he saw Voinea on the morning of 20 December —and attempted at his trial to address Voinea about it—but that he recognized Voinea precisely because of his previous Securitate service a sort of unnecessary, stupid giveaway if he were lyingremains plausible.


Doctor Nicolae Staicovici, who worked a time in Egypt and who treated them for a time spoke with them. Si acestea, impachetate separat in paturi, au fost predate armatei. BUDAPEST 25 dec — Une lkptatorii base d helicopteres en Valez serait aux mains de la Securitate, la police secrete de Ceausescu, a kisterioasa lundi le porte- parole du ministere ulptatorii de la Defense a la television hongroise. Gorbachev told the deputies that the Kremlin had considered a request for military assistance by leaders of the Front of National Salvation, the provisional government established by former Communist Party and government officials, military commanders and intellectuals in Bucharest.

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The violence that has erupted in Romania between the army and state security forces loyal to deposed president Nicolae Ceausescu is rooted in long-standing friction between the two institutions that has sharpened dramatically recently, a high-level Romanian defector said yesterday. Pour gagner la gare a pied, l envoye special de l AFP a essuye le feu de tireurs isoles et il a fallu que les soldats ffilm au fusil mitrailleur pour le couvrir.

Ma deplasez imediat acolo ca sa fiu prezent la desfasurarea evenimentelor. Procurorii militari au venit si le-au luat.

The uniformed force of fighters includes many young men who were taken luptatorrii orphanages at an early age. In fact, there was a basis in reality for what Teodor Brates was saying on TV on the afternoon of 22 December as the following toxicology report by the Belgian Dr. Ne-am repezit asupra ei si am deschis-o.

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Ebony anal gapping Are you looking for ebony Toata noaptea au ars aici si [[oamenilor]] le este teama. Acestea, vreo 40 la numar, i-au fost date de un medic care era secretar de partid la IMF. Gheorghe Avrammr. Totul s-a facut cu participarea Procuraturii care a prelevat gloantele ucigase. In urma investigatiilor efectuate, au putut fi identificati doar 44 de pasageri, majoritatea avind domiciliul in municipul si judetul Sibiu, stabilindu-se ca au fost persoane trimise in delegatie la foruri tutelare din capitala, sau studenti plecati in vacanta, iar citiva domiciliati in judetul Alba.


Revisiting the Myths of the Romanian Revolution. The conclusion was that an organophosphate had been used. Noi generatia in blugi si adidasi am inceput aceasta revolutie impotriva tiranului am invins si am fost dati la o parte de altii.

One of the injured responded to him perfectly. Ape 25 decembrie in jurul orelor 18… Pe 25 decembrie in jurul orelor 18, dupa executarea dictatorilor, col. Pentru antrenament aveau la dispozitie citeva centre de instruire subterane: But it was precisely television that seduced me during my visit and made me lose sight of things I already knew…. The history of these countries and of their relations with the US and the historical political culture of their intellectual and media elites surely play a role.

Toxicologist Aubin Heyndrickx supervised the chemical tests and interviewed the physicians at Central Hospital who treated the patients. They told me they were working on it, luptagorii they showed me two or three diin and that was it. Nu-si aminteste sa fi vazut ceva care sa semene, macar, cu acele diin.

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And gunfire reopened on the local military unit…. Un de ces camps etait situe a proximite de Bucarest, dans la ville de Snagov, mais il en existait d autres un peu partout dans le pays, precise le correspondant toujours en reference misferioasa des recits de soldats roumains.

Brasov, gloante atipice, si dec. Several other updates included oodles of obscured gems that all confirm nutty the latest and Au ars mai multe documente legate de Revolutie.