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He’s an incredible actor. It’s a small, but important subgenre that interests me greatly. Every gang in the movie pays homage to A Clockwork Orange in one fashion or another, but it never loses sight of its own goals. Thanks for sharing this list of movies. I so love Takayuki Yamada who plays Serizawa. The Outsiders was the best book to movie adaptation of all time if you ask me.

Also, any list of gang movies without Blackboard Jungle one of the original and Crows Zero is missing out. Serizawa is still not associated with any yakuza although he made a revelation that most of the Crows had invited him to join their family but he made it clear that he is not meant to work under people.. If you want a movie that has a similar feel, but has a harder edge, Battle Royale is the way to go. Hinton fan while growing up, and I think Coppola did a decent job with the movie. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. Every good high school gang film has that extra special something about it that lifts it up and makes it stand out. These are the movies who have shown themselves to be the real deal when it comes to high school gang films. Setahu saya berdasarkan komiknya lagi-lagi,Bitou itu hanya terdiri dari 3 bersaudara,Makoto,Tatsuya dan adiknya hideyuki semuanya memang masuk ke akademi Housen.

Phillbert, great minds think alike.

Film mirip crows zero?

This South Korean film packs quite a punch. It fits next to the rag tag fllm forced to work together to live in the battle zone that is Miami.

The Nitty Gritty Did I mention there are a lot of gang movies out there? If you actually read the list, you would know that The Warriors didn’t even make it. City of GodMeirelles and Lund This movie tells the story of two friends as youngsters that eventually zdro apart.


This list crowd for the exception of Class of although it that’s not the main story and a clockwork orange. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. Kubrick is known to be many things, but he crlws never one to make things clear. Love Cry Baby and The Outsiders! He sings the title song and really brings the whole movie together with his raspy vocals and edgy guitar. Heathers is a favorite of mine, but Clockwork Orange does deserve number one.

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If you want a movie that has a similar feel, but has a harder edge, Battle Royale is the way to go. The battle of the freshmen. There are a lot of movies out there about gangs and high school, but which movies are the best at putting these two together?

Thank you redfive and HugoFurst! Not only is the book a classic, but the movie is as well. The two struggle against their own social circles and against the social circles of the one they love. Kyang-Soo Kim finds himself right in the middle of this chaos. It has nasty gangs that go to war and a battle scene that drows kids against fully armed fjlm soldiers. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

It’s a small, but important subgenre that interests me greatly.

Crows Zero 3

Great list Tuff Turf is a must watch, James Spader with hair. The 7 Bitous and the yakuza disguised in Housen uniform had attacked Suzuran at least thrice that month the first attack being on the now-senior,The Front Of Armaments.


Even worse off, there’s some nasty things that were supposed to happen to several of the Warriors that didn’t make the final cut. No need to reesesPONDpeaces! Housen mendapat bantuan dari para alumninya untuk mengalahkan Suzuran,permusuhan antara Housen dan Suzuran ternyata sudah berlangsung sangat lama. Not nice for a bunch of 17 year old hooligans who still live with mum and dad.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only crowx who loves Over the Edge, bat Belum ada tanggapan untuk “Crows Zero 3”. It is a teenage gang film to its core and has become a blue plate for bad deeds, imagery, and costuming when other movies decide to make a high school gang film.

He leads his band of droogs on fil terrorizing rampage of auto theft, fighting, rape, and murder. Awesome, am I right? Also, I can’t remember the gang names, and they might not apply buuuuut theres an old movie with a lot of today’s big celebrities Nicholas Cage, Mickie Rourke, etc.

I wish it gave me something to allow it to be on the list but alas, no. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them.

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