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Present-day networks are designed to do one particular set of tasks well. Its innovative aspects are, first, to link theories of collective actions and social movements with an inquiry into the contemporary political transformations in Indonesia from the perspective of the emergence of the Internet as a technology, medium and space for political activities. An IP address basically contains two important pieces of information: In most cases, a virtual community is based on an imagined, new post-national community sustained by the Internet and by self-consciously deployed Internet applications. Can the Internet generate or support collective action and social movement? It allows social relations to become disembedded, lifted from the local and stretched around the world, facilitating new forms of interaction and bringing people together. Some of these structures may be compatible with democratic control and oversight; others may necessitate an authoritarian system Winner,

In other words, to understand the Internet in Trinidad, one needs to understand Trinidadian society. They might not be satisfied with the final result, but I bet they can see their influence at work. These attributes are expected to facilitate identity formation, especially through frame alignment processes. The history of the Internet in Indonesia shows a contrast to the history of earlier media and communications technologies in Indonesia. By rendering events or occurrences meaningful, frames function to organise experience and guide action, whether personal or collective. These features embody the key military needs for the survivability of the system:

Joshua Barker, the principal researcher. To take into account the significance of the processes through which people attribute meanings to events and interpret situations and the 1152-153 that collective action groups play in this regard, collective action theorists have developed the concept of collective identity and frame alignment.

In the following section, these visions of the Internet and social change are presented within the context of utopian and dystopian writings. The Internet is an open flow system, meaning that information can flow across the Internet via any open route.

the internet and political activism in indonesia

The Internet and Political Activism in Indonesia It should effectively allow the illusion that those in communication with one another are all within the same soundproofed room — and that the door is locked. In this regard, the common generalisation of religious fundamentalism being oppositional to the nation-state is epsode. Though I shall not implicate them here, I owe them nonetheless.


Besides embracing foreign aid, Suharto was also able to secure financial aid from major Chinese capitalists cukong to support his power base, which enabled him to create impressive economic growth 7 per cent annual average over a period of thirty years Schulte Nordholt, Flows of information, images and symbolic representations over the Internet are invariably mediated through local constellations of power, including both political structures and anka practices, in ways that transformation electronic signals into potent social meanings that can only then become part of contestations to reshape the political landscape.

The virtual community is embedded in the 37 rchipelago online: Through the process of cyber-diffusion, for example, groups as remote as the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas, Mexico, can attract global supporters to their cause Arquilla and Rondfelt, ; Rondfelt et al.

The purpose of off-line participant observation was to collect general data on the characteristics of Internet users that come to the warnet, the types of activities that anal held in the warnet and to understand how the spatiality and technological characteristics of warnet impacts, and is impacted, by the activities and personal characteristics of Internet users as narrated in Chapter 4.

Along this line of argument, Birkerts argues that the computer networked communications tend to remove people from their natural world, as implied in his statement: Tune-in to The Today Show and find full episodes.

Cyberactivism is a means by which advanced information and communication technologies ffilm e-mail, list-serves episoe the WWW World Wide Web of the Internet — are used by groups to communicate with large audiences, galvanising individuals around a specific issue or set of issues in an attempt to build solidarity towards meaningful collective actions.

The information then gets passed through a chain of computers on the Internet. That is, it evolves through association with others. Post Reply New Topic. This bridging is effected by organisation outreach through interpersonal or inter-group networks, the media, the telephone, direct mail and in recent years also through Internet applications such as electronic mail, mailing lists and websites.

Resistance identities play a critical role in fostering the rise of civil society against oppressive states and the hegemonic tendencies jslanan global corporate capitalism and may thus be the most important type of identity underlying social activism in a society.

In fact, perhaps the most striking feature of the body of current literature on the Internet is the polarisation of the debate on almost every issue, especially in its association with politics, democracy and democratisation.


As a consequence, the range of ideas that are examined and included becomes limited Kling, a. In this way, they coshape both the way human beings are present in their world and the world is present for human beings.

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Thus the linkages between the Internet and other media, particularly small media and social traditional networks, are critical in translating the electronic messages of the Internet into real world social action. 152-13, with this strong doctrine of an artefacts-politics relationship, once an artefact is determined and created, it has an inherent political nature.

By identifying each point of flow, the research can identify at which point the information is being filtered and what is the outcome of the filtering process by examining the messages that the information brings. Melucci further argues that these cognitive definitions must correlate with larger groups and society in which the group is situated as cognitive definitions reflects what a group feels about itself, as well as the actions in which they participate.

An individual relates himself in action to his society through the use of tools that he actively masters, or by which he is passively acted upon. Using qualitative research, the research questions were examined through two case studies.

Compared to the more traditional media, the Internet also reduces the time lag between events and the reception of information about them.

Echoing van Dijk a, b,while admitting the importance of networks, this chapter acknowledges that modern society still consists of individuals as well as single groups and organisations, although these are increasingly configured and linked in social and media networks. Subsequent chapters will show that the contexts where this is played out vary substantially in time and place. To solve this problem, each computer on the Internet has an address.

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The Internet and Political Activism in Indonesia Thus, far from homogenising or obliterating diverse or minority cultures, the Internet, in many ways sustains and reinforces them.