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West Brom and Borussia Dortmund. Between all of the right backs of FUT 14, Abate is clearly the fastest one. If you had success with that formation, why you should change it? The two gold left backs from Serie A are too different from each other. Because of this they are also the disdained when building a team. Did you have better results with some formation?

In the defence, the four players are the same, except Chiellini that was replaced by Benatia due to his price. As you can see here the best he can gets is IC 5 plus 2 extra points from manager and loyalty. Pirlo is the best midfielder of Serie A. Sell him and buy Tank plus Rooney. Suited to players who prefer to build play patiently. There is no one exact answer, but you should consider a few factors:. Pace is one of the most important requirements for a good full back. The most popular of all FUT 14 formations.

The qualification of the champion is made through the made points system. Hernanes has the best dribbling of Serie A. On the midfield, Daniele De Rossi plays on the centre to help the back four.

If he is playing better than De Rossi, keep with him. They are players that occupy a very strategic position in the field.

Wingers need to cover more field. Please help me out here! I have been playing with the 4 formation and Serie A squad and it has been good for me so far.

It depends of many factors as your play style, his team mate, formation, etc… My favourite is Luiz, then Kaboul and then Vertonghen. Probably the best formation for who wants to keep the ball. There are three fundamental attribute on a winger: No other players can be compared to them. The main difference between these formations 4121 the false 9 you can see more about formations HERE.


One of the s popular formation. Pirlo is an tfam player to gamers with your profile. As you can see here the best he can gets is IC 5 plus 2 extra points from manager and loyalty. What are the formations best suited to the goals you set for your FUT 14 clubs?

Now, I felt the 2 striker formations are a bit more fun, but it appears that the 4 is best ultimatf to my style of play. Cerci IF Im currently struggling to stay in div one used to be able to stay in comfortably soi was wondering if you advise that i maybe change formation?

In the right side, the pace of Abate is more important than the higher technical quality of Maicon. The thing that is really important to know is how to choose player based on their role and style of play that fits each player. And that is made in the previous chapters. The Italians teams spent many million Euros on strong reinforcements: 412122, I have been wanting to experiment with serid 2 striker formation, like the wide and the Fullbacks can support wingers. The key element of this squad is the CF.

The CF drops too deep and leaves you isolated up top.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Formations Guide – Reviews and Work Rates

If you are looking a more balanced player that can also be used on crosses, Klose and Llorente are good choices. Do you have a patient style?

The more tall a goalkeeper is, better his chances of having a clean sheet. Can you take a look at my squad, and make any suggestions if you can. Have enough players when defending or attacking. Abate De Sciglio LB: If you have coins to spend, try Benatia SIF. I have a BPL team, and use Daniele De Rossi 1. Tevez will fit well on that team playing as CAM. I play most of my games with Seria A sides. If you want someone to RCM Pogba should be better.


This is not an Ultimate Team question.

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It is very similar with the 2 but the CDM in front of the back four gives more security fifs the defence. It is one of the most balanced formations. You definitely should try Tevez as CAM.

The most requested of all FUT 14 formations. Chiellini is the best central back from Serie A. The final variant offers a deeper-lying center forward position to hold possession and help build-up the attacking play. In our opinion the two first are the most important.

Serie A Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Fantastic Squad selection analysis, however I have to make some adjustments, I followed your recomendation exactly, but in game, I put to Buffon in my transfer list. Hello Rodrigo, what do You think about that squad GK: There are only two gold players on Serie A eerie this position: The first of the new variations offers a holding defensive midfielder anchor in the midfield.

On a formation it may be a good option to use someone more defensive, like Cambiasso.