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They have to act as father and mother to their two younger siblings. Tell Me Your Secrets imagines the consequences had the meetings ended differently. Daniel Lopes Executive Production: A present filled with history. Click here to visit current edition. He is forced to go further in search of fish. Every day a new film will be presented by its director or team member and shown.

Simone Aquino Assistant Costume Designer: The scenes shot in that country are combined with archive footage of the events in France, Czechoslovakia and Brazil. This is a psychological documentary that penetrates the minds of the protagonists of violence, both victims and perpetrators, through interviews that erect the skin. In the intense now. An Exhibition of interactive and virtual reality films from around the world. The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon. Ricardo Laganaro, rlaganaro gmail.

Vinicius Leal Original Music by: In a world in ruins, only fungi and mold grow in the middle of gigantic dried insects bodies.

Children of the River

Paz Encina Paz Encina Paraguay. A father kidnapped and disappeared knioarte Brazil in Alexandre Bonfim Boom Operator: Pedro Diniz Location Manager: When a weather change occurs, rain irrigates the arid planet and floods it gradually.

Consigned to the margins of Montevideo city, in the intimacy of their homes and through their daily struggle, we meet this moving people, that push their lives uphill, with dignity, a profound optimism and perseverance. Step to the Line. But as undocumented Honduran immigrants their right to live, work and study in Mexico was already under threat.


Initially they promise to help each other and keep their family together until their mother is released. When the Guns Go Silent. Combining cutting edge virtual reality filmmaking and multi-sensory storytelling, immerse yourself conema the lives and struggle of the Munduruku Indigenous People deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Festival Kinoarte de Cinema – 19a edição Londrina

A political art game simulating the dangers Mexican immigrants face crossing the Border. A year-old boy decides to join the army.

Death is permanent, leaving behind a skeleton in the Mexican desert for future players to see. A child who lived with this absence most of his life. In the water springs an ecosystem, populated by giant carnivorous tadpoles.

Jarbas de Castro Fernando Moura Still: Tell Me Your Secrets imagines the consequences had the meetings ended differently. What can be said about Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro or Beijing looking at the images of that period? Bruno Abadias Editing Assistant: Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi Director of Photography: We are partakers of the fears of those who suffer and those who cause death, so much death that shakes the very bowels of society.

Pátio – Documentary Film | GuideDoc

Documentary week Documentary Week is a DocMontevideo space for showing films. This is how we begin an intimate memory exercise, telling the story of a whole country.

Maite Alberdi Directora chilena. Twenty years later, touched by the successive massacres reports, Carelli searches the origins of this genocide, a conflict of disproportionate forces: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon.


Marcelo Wagner Berto Production Secretary: After half a century of war and 8 million victims, the FARC, the oldest guerrilla in the world, agree to start a peace dialogue with its historic enemy: Date July 18 – 27, Between andParaguay suffered one of the longest dictatorships in latin America. Maria Elisa Freire Production Designer: Ricardo Laganaro, rlaganaro gmail.

Meninas Formicida – Ant Killers – LFI Presents

A fisherman promises his young wife to bring her all the fish in the world if she stops to undo the crochet and do it again. Gustavo Orlando Sound Location: Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi Props: Documentary Week is a DocMontevideo space for showing films.

Marcela Poloni and Renato Paschoal Costumes: Rafael Ski Carvalho Production Assistant: Further Away, an independent film that through little dialogue and two characters depicts a process that happens anywhere in the world — environmental and relationships degradation. In the intense now. My body is political. Keeping the fesgival of the cinema essay and narrated in the first person, in addition to reflecting on the images, the documentary seeks to analyze who films them, why they do it and what their political context.

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