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You’re saying “eyvallah, eyvallah,” to everything. But the reality now is much different than the promises given to us. I’ll buy a few things from the grocery store and go back home. And tell me why you kept silence despite knowing he was a murderer. How can they let him go? She will start a blog and screw you over.

He was hiding in an old Shoe factory around Riva. Use the following code to embed this video. From now on, I won’t leave you not even for a moment. The police interrogated Hacer again. You know well what really happened there. I was watching that series through Facebook page but it is deleted now. Start your free trial.

IF I find more I will update here: Kerim who is friends with Erdogan, Selim and Vurl is also present during this incident.

Cesur returns to his father’s village with zrabic elaborate plan to avenge the death of his father. He still has a trial to stand. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. Nah, don’t call her. The series revolves around Fatmagul Beren and Kerim Engin who are the lead characters.

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In the same time their family lawyer. Good series so far. I loved Beren and Kerim. I promise you guys, I won’t commit even a traffic crime fatmaguoun. The way it was carried you can feel Fatmaguls pain as well her persistence to earn respect. But we know that you’re trying to get that energy project deal in Ankara.

Yes No Report this. I won’t wait for them to come here with handcuffs. He intend to divorce her and go abroad and starts doing preparations for same. Adnan, who lives in one of the most prominent mansions along the Bosporus in Use the following code to embed this video. Seeing you here everyday gave me the morale support to recover quickly. I was doing some cleaning downstairs.


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Rahmi Ketenci 80 episodes, Getting defeated by them will be another burden on your shoulders. But she doesn’t even give the girl any time to think about it.

Share this Rating Title: And you’re gonna wait with your tail between your legs till they come and get you?

He loses his hope, his future, and the most beautiful days of his lives due the crime that he has never committed. What are you talking about? She said she would persuade her. Full Cast and Crew.

Maybe there’s something sp are afraid of, or something in their minds. What is the power behind those people? Plot – Fatmagul who is engaged to her childhood lover Mustafa is raped by 3 rich kids in presence of Kerim under the influence of alcohol and drugs. You missed your chance, by letting the worst thing happen to this girl. I’m still in front of Mustafa’s house.

arabiic He’s the most important piece of this investigation! Music is really good. From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars. It would make me really upset. They must be waiting for Fahrettin Bey’s interrogation to be over. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.


Vural Namli 39 episodes, He was waiting in the police station and looking fatmagjlun Yasar. Though, I still don’t get why they took back their complaint. It’s gonna be a fireworks now. I will make all your dirty laundry surface.

But the reality now is much different than the promises given to us. The only thing he hadn’t planned for is Suhan, the daughter of the man he believes is responsible for his father’s murder. From there we hire a boat or something.

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?

Even if they drop the charges the civil lawsuit will continue. Or he’ll be fined. I guessed you sycu an intel and were just about to do something own your own. You request for protection is permitted. That’s what I’m fagmagulun about! I could tell by the look of their faces. And I think you need to stay away from this jerk while it’s not too late. We can’t be more generous than that.