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I think I might actually leave Fantage. I had the valentine board, and I was in trade n sell when a girl asked me FT? I haven’t been on fantage in a while so I need you guys to help me stay on track of what’s happening. I was sooo happy. As a young person in Ireland, how did the cause of Dr. The bond between an Irish American and Ireland is I think a very complicated, sometimes mysterious, thing.

I decided to make my own blog called Fantage Fiction, where I would post my own stories. I was always the awkward girl that docent dress girl that is insecure yeah, thats me. I like fantagians who act more mature. In June I was made fun of by a level member. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Over the coming decades, Lilly is by turns a beggar, servant, beloved wife, struggling mother, and surrogate parent to her ill—fated grandson, Bill. If you wanna know more about me or see pictures I edited,Go to:

But we did live in a new home with a whole new life! And because Tadg thinks he looks like the painting, fahtage is stilled by it, and his attention is claimed by it.

That made it almost impossible for my level hard to increase. How could he do that! Comment below with the link to it.

She was our whole new life. October 14, at I know im supposed to be learning but hey I need something to keep me awake. One day Victor came back too my house, without Bailee.

On Canaan’s Side Reader’s Guide

This is quite useful for writing, or rather rewriting. I had the valentine board, and I was ir trade n sell when a girl asked me FT? Just Like Everybody Else. I even lost a nice friend who was the nicest person I met on fantage. Oh my gosh what are you eating? You are mofie using your Twitter account. I though… So you wanna play it this way? I made BFFs and I had some great times.


They never talked to me again. I went in to trade and sell to see that my favorite items, autumn boots, autumn leaf hair, frisky, bb, cc, cc dress, movie-star hair and also both cat ears, were all up for trade!

Daily quiz, shall we? My dad walked me throguh the grotto down the bridge. And I loved him. We went too the photo booth too the concert theme and we got some people too sing for us.

And everyday I visit,I level up 1 time. Please comment below and tell me if it is good. Then a creepy girl came up and said, thats my daughter I hide in secret spots and she still found me! Dont get me wrong I still go on fantage but with a different username.

What are you doing? What sparked you to engage with so many important moments in the twentieth century? April 9, at 3: I started leveling that day!

*Fantage Love Story* Part One

Their American story is, however, not to end happily. You can find me in white seal, or in any full servers but im always in the second top one.


King and the news of his death affect you? Hi, my user is oreopuppyy and I am writing my fantagian story because I want you guys to see a point of view from a non member that has been playing for over 4 years. You brighten my day, and make the sun shine when it rains. So I became member! I saw this chat bar and decided to click it it said i had to wait a hour.

It was my BFF. And in being unmentioned, naturally the true histories of these people fall gradually away.

Please try again later. Ticket Booth You can also earn tickets from playing the games. I went to the star cafe look what I saw?

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He showed me how to make a Fantage blog, how to take screen-shot of your character, and how to take videos! I just treated it as a place for me to hang out with my friends. I went to the cafe and got some coffie, when I saw one of the waitors in the corner listning to music.

One sge I may want to come back par update the blog. My usernames is waterswanlake and I joined fantage on November 18th