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It mtdd also take away the Secretary of State’s jaiafictMe and leave de ds fans on uxe mp – tion to the la n d lords th u— e l i ea. Lord Ennals, who is. Moreover that the first six months of the m 19 , 0 , has been sohL The pur- buying Harcros shares at 90p. The Department wanted to discuss how to achieve this on a voluntary basis so that the cuts would produce a total fail in income equivalent to the extra money being paid to staff. Compensation and fnnge benefits should. Electronic office technology with a human face. Similar mo ve s are befog made. Over service stations, strategically positioned nationwide, are at your disposal.

Mr Reagan may have converted datively few voters on his recent excursions. But the spotlight at Lamaca had fallen — as per- Paris rules out deal The French Interior Minster, M Charles Pasqna, said yes- terday that there was m of freefap tire Ibrahim Abdallah as part of a deal to prevent a new caja- pajgn of bombings fa Fuss. Already, maj’or companies are benefiting from our credit system, which has now been successfully in use for over five years. It causes as to distrust and fear the Soviet Union. Fundamental to any attempt to bring peace and stability to this region must be foe restoration of basic human rights which are essential to peace. Ad agencies were medium-sized companies oOl- in prores-nuju! In many of die 13 key marginal states, the Republican and Democratic candidates are running nedc-and-neck, de- spite an all-out barnstorming through the country by Presi- dent Reagan, who is hoping to tip the balance in the Republicans’ favour. Please write ‘In strictest confidence to Sox G.

Existing management could be retained on mutuaHy acceptable terms. Price has ; disposed ‘ McLeod Russel 72, Dr lames Stuart, senior registrar in comm unity nmdi- rine.

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Ministers insist, how- ever, tint they will still be able to block decisions which seri- ously damage the national interest. MP for Islington Sooth and Finsbury, who raised the issue in a late padBtntentaxy debate last night, called on Scotland Yard to set lo a hour telephone helpline to assist battered victims to increase tire number of women police offi- ce because they are likely to take the matter more serious- ly.


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An operational decision within foe BBC, say, to broadcast a programme exhibiting political bias could scarcely be open to judicial review insofar as that is limited to acts of public authori- ties felting within the realm of public law.

The parallel with Gomes, on this showing, must be the Ponchielii of La Gioconda—also in Verdi’s shadow, also with a gift nl lyricism that was small but genuine.

During his first term of office, Eisenhower appointed Arthur Bums as his first chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. HAS warned South that are to be. Minister of State at the Foreign Office, criticized. Monday ia Thursday 8. It was acquired by Trafalgar after a stiff three-cornered contest also involving Bovis.

A thorough knowledge of corporate and. Aso uaw-Amenca and the Middle Eaa Iftroigti rebel, flevetopment. The fine British music in- dustry. Particular emphasis will be placed on the financial control function through the development and operation of integrated management information and control systems l manual and computer based that focus the opportunities that management of subsidiary companies have to improve profit and reduce costs.

Ministry of Agriculture officials!

When you operate Dodge Commandos, you can choose from over variants off the production line. The rate of inflation in the Turkish sector last year was close to 30 per famstzr, while an the Greek side it was about 5 per cent. President Chissano shows every sign of appreciating that in the end it is South Africa more than Zimbabwe which has the power to make or break him. Superimposed on the movement of the dollar is speculation about the rehabilitation of Opec and a rise in the price of off following the dismissal of Sheikh Ya- tnani.


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But, when forced to look beyond his private glee to the likely U. In common currency From Miss Janet Dudley Sir, Regarding the recent correspondence October 4, 27 on foe use of the pound sign, in his accounts, preserved in the Archives of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Steven Flamsteed father of the first Astronomer Royal uses a pound sign much more similar to that currently in use than it is to the simple capital L Unfortunately, be always uses it as a superscript so we cannoi ten whether it would have preceded or succeeded fee figure when used in normal text.

There have been 54 cases of meningitis in fee Strand area sinceand three deaths, of which one was in Stonehouse.

Four men were saved from famsrar Fraternal and six were drowned. The action comes only. W Vvc made our move. Treumicbi said bisdeparts It was widely believed here gerng protest notes to the embassies of.

Close to SO per cent of the fruit goes to European markets with Britain the leading outlet. However, with the recent establishment of the National Council for Vocational Qualifica- tions foe method of control is now to hand.

By separating hum non-smokers, the costs to you are reduced. His Is a bold, penetrating camstar, – which can soar above an orchestral texture with an ease and lack of strain that few counter-tenors can match.

So long as there is mistrust between East and West, resulting from KGB repressions, there filj a filj weapons wfll be rebuilt. The exeattive required would need to head up the. The rig has been operating on the block since November 10, making the well one of the most expensive exploration exercises in that offshore region.