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Upon returning home, the Family role play a scene from Bumsoo’s drama to determine sleep order rankings, highlighted by Jongshin’s surprising “Eh” sound. By 0ly40 Started August 11, Highlights include Jongshin invoking his newborn son, Chunhee bribing with aloe leaves, and Yejin falling to the ground in tears. Later, Jaesuk and Sooro secretively season the bean curd soup with ramyun powder while Hyuk is distracted. To conclude the episode, the last scene filmed from two weeks later shows the Family writing, practicing, and recording a personalized Family Outing theme song. Meanwhile, the other members build a straw thatch-roof as part of their assignments. For once, I agree with the netizens on this one. By early afternoon, the trio of cooks finally complete their loach stew, featuring a wide assortment of random ingredients.

A challenge is presented for the Family Leader as to whether they live in a nice house or the house that is falling apart. The four of them go off to the market and buy ray fish to prepare. In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to catch a piece of paper while butting with their heads against Jaesuk’s. Kim Tae Hee revealed to be pregnant with her second child! Hyori and Jongkook joke around in the picturesque flowerbeds and Hyori re-enacts a memorable scene from My Sassy Girl , apologizing for her behavior towards Jongkook because of his muscular arms. Here, Daesung and Chunhee select teams for the first game of the day: Highlights include the repeated capsizing of the boat steered by Hyori’s team and the Family members washing and cleaning each other off after the muddy play.

The Family gathers at the airport and set off for the village.

Episode #2.12

After locating the house, they set off to pick tea leaves, highlighted by Chunhee chasing down Sooro and Jaesuk and Taehyun personifying leaves as various girl group members. Following breakfast, the Family head to the beach to play a game of queen dodgeball, where episodee protect their respective queens of Hyori and Yejin, highlighted by Jaesuk’s multiple body shots.

The trio of Jongkook, Jaesuk, and Jongshin are charged with gathering soondae sausage ingredients, but mischievously head to a local restaurant to eat rice cakes and other snacks before delighting themselves at a local karaoke, fervently singing and dancing along to songs from Jongshin, TurboDambi, and SNSD.

Welcoming two new “Family” members: In the forest, the Family act out a martial art movie scene under Sooro’s instruction before delighting themselves further with some bamboo climbing and endurance games.

After eating, the Family compose and recite poetry based on the theme of Family, ranging from heartfelt to vengeful, before painting art and calligraphy on a bare wall. They end up going to someone’s house to eat and from there, Wonhee and Sangryul decide to do a hidden camera on Sanghyun later at the house and YoonA becomes an accomplice. The variety show was almost identical to the famous Korean dating variety show, Love Letter. The second season began on February 21, before ending on July 11, The first sequence with Kim Dong-wan shows the Family spitting watermelon seeds on themselves, followed by Chunhee and Yejin enduring a scary night-time mission.


FO2 is a fail show anyway i can’t even grasp the concept. Pre-orders for TXT’s debut album surpassescopies.

After breakfast, the Family feed the cows and head ouitng an outdoor stage to perform for the village. After catching a few fish in the local pond, Jaesuk is oppressed to perform menial labor as the youngest of the trio.

Upon reaching home, Jongkook takes out his frustration from losing in most of the games previously on Jaesuk who in turn begins playing around with other members and ends up receiving punishments as well. Seoul Broadcasting System television programmes South Korean travel television series South Korean reality television series South Korean variety television programmes Korean-language television programs South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s South Korean television series South Korean television seasons.

[Eng] YoonA – Family Outing ep 36 1/2

Archived from the original on 14 June Chudong Village, MujuNorth Jeolla. Highlights include Yejin convincing her rpisode that ‘Jongshin is manly’ and Jongshin trying to have his friend say ‘Yejin is loveable’.

When they reconvene, the Family proceed to prepare a large batch of kimchi before quickly cooking and enjoying dinner in the winter cold. Later as they’re cooking YoonA asks how male idols’ dorms look like. During dinner, via phone, the Family greet and cheer on with Chunhee, who is taecyeom on assignment. By 0ly40 Twecyeon November 6, The episode features abbreviated breakfast cooking and eating sequences, leading into a morning dance exercise session. After the men are ranked, they take turns confronting the women while being ‘held back’.

On the morning of the 3rd at a cafe in Apgujeong, Taecyeon said in an interview, “We are close friends, but we are both busy so there is no opportunity for us to meet separately. Meanwhile, the other Family members play a bedtime game where Sooro tricks Daesung and Hyori into believing he epispde mind-reading powers.

Lee Chun-hee showed up “the next day” for the second episode. YoonA says the Seohyun of course knows this. Goyo Village, MungyeongNorth Gyeongsang.

After, we get to see YoonA’s fresh no-makeup face! During sleep order rankings, the Family men dance while donning an Afro wig and gold chain and Yejin bribes her way to first place among the women with cookies. For sleep order rankings, the Family members reenact a scene from ” My Sassy Girl “, with tacyeon including Jongkook’s awkwardness towards Hyori, Sooro protecting Hyori’s feelings, Chunhee pointing out Hyori’s short temper and morning bloatedness, and Taehyun revealing the director’s PD fondness for Hyori.


Family Outing Good Sunday. The fifth sequence with the TVXQ guests shows Sooro and Jongshin stressing over developing their careers then the Family men’s dance performances for sleep order rankings.

Returning to the house, Hyori and Jongkook set out to pick edible flowers while the others remain to prepare dinner from the caught fish, where Sooro is relegated to being a spectator while Seungwon skillfully trims the squid.

Episode 28 then shifts to the unaired “X-Files”. Bukdong Village, GangneungGangwon.

“Family Outing” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. As a surprise for the newcomers, the “Family” set up a “prank” quiz show, even though ended up “failing”, to welcome the two members. YoonA then argued that she didn’t even give him 1 sponge. Their first task is to take the boat and catch blue swimmer crabs. Back at home, Jongkook and Yejin are teased for wearing matching pink clothes, enduring ‘newlywed’ jokes from Daesung, with which Jongkook counters with threats of violence.

At the house, Jongshin becomes more familiar with Sooro and Jaesuk and Jongshin attempt to rescue the squid stew with ramen seasoning.

In early episodes, a “Family Leader” [nb 1] is chosen and acts as the main host of that outing. Rather than the usual assigned breakfast duties, the Family set off on a boat ride to go abalone fishing, featuring scuba diving stories from Chunhee and songs from Sungrok, G-dragon and Jaesuk. Retrieved 4 May Gathering at the house, the Family audio-record their gratitude for the homeowners and welcome them home. Besides friends I dated when I was still a trainee, I have no dating experience,” and “I know the rumors about me that go around on the internet, but there are things that come out of nowhere, and there are also things that I can understand.

The family gathers at the village followed by the arrival of the strongest guest. Highlights include foul play from Hyori, who throws mud at and pulls at the pants of Junsu, and Yejin who places a bucket on Jaesuk’s head before tossing away his fins.