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Oh, now, honey, hush. You’re not an alien, are you? Well, you would rock the swimsuit competition. I’m proud of me too. Lucas, what have we done? I did not figure you for a pageant girl.

Because she shot herself in the foot. I’m sorry I misjudged you. All sides heretofore Sand Storm? Previous Episode Next Episode. What journey led you to our family table? Wh Because it’s important to you. Well, you always did like me in a dress. After they ask you the first question, I’m gonna wait for you to say the first sentence of your speech.

Faking It – S2 E8 – Zen and the Art of Pageantry – video dailymotion

Plus, this one could actually win. It’s not her fault, Zen, it’s ours.

They i grill their chicken over hellfire. See, I’m not your average girl. Why does it feel like she’s your girlfriend and I’m second best?

Faking It () s02e08 Episode Script | SS

No, right, right, that’s not the point. Thank you, Krystal, for that illuminating answer about Syria. Oh, you poor thing, you must have been terrified. Good idea, I’ll do some push-ups right now – so my chest looks jacked.

Faking It S02E08

Have you guys seen Karma? You just prance, my little show pony. Previous Episode Next Episode. I hope you don’t choke on it.


All right, let’s see that killer smile. Some guys find pageants a little weird. But are you trying to prove it to yourself or to him? Please, I am doing this because I have something to prove, and I can tell you do too. You’re not an alien, are you?

We’ve dimmed her inner flame. Right, then I’ll start our slide show of emaciated models with rotten teeth, and you’ll continue your speech about the unrealistic expectations of beauty – men put on women. And I could see both sides. I just have to land some sponsorships. I did not figure you for a pageant girl. You made it to the finals! Because you’ve never been as proud of me as the day I came out, and I liked how it felt for you to be proud of me.

Of course, I do.

I have to confess fakig. Thanks for tull pep talk, Daddy. I’ve got nothing to say to you. I know you have a tricky gag reflex. You guys are taking this dress more seriously than Nana’s breast cancer scare. I was hurt and upset and angry. Nobody respects how hard it is to yo-yo. You didn’t introduce me as your girlfriend, and then you didn’t want to say you’re a lesbian.


I’m not here to embarrass you.

After dinner the other night, Liam and Episodf got into a huge fight. Uh, Liam’s here because, uh I we I have something I want to tell you. Prance, little show pony. He’s taking it to another level. Tell our parents you’re a fake lesbian or lose your boyfriend.

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That’s not what Liam, can you help me get the wheat germ from the top shelf? Well I quit the Peace Corps. Oh, they taught you how to smile vacuously for the camera?

He just wants me to win. Will you just sign it? I’m sorry I misjudged you. I will miss you the least. And your girlfriend Reagan seems like a lovely young woman. Can I do my question over? Don’t eat that homophobic sandwich. I can’t do this if Karma’s gonna be lingering in the background. All this time, I thought you were proud of me, but Really, you’re ashamed, aren’t you? And now, for the anticipated evening gown round.